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What are some strange reasons you decided to follow certain Jellies?

Asked by choreplay (6297points) January 11th, 2011

I just started follow someone after I checked out there interest. Lets just say, they had me at “spreadsheets”. What are some of the strange reasons you start following certain Jellies?

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No strange reasons. I find their answers/questions interesting and enjoy their input here.

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They’re hot.

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Ya, that ones obvious ranger, thats why I added Jude.

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She is hot, but you’re married with kids.. so back off. She’s mine.

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I follow jellies based on their cute dog pics or fluffy bunny pics. Some have sweet kitty pics that I add also.

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I mostly add another Jelly because I enjoy their answers and questions or their profile has a lot in common with mine. And I definately add them if they add me. There are a lot of Jellies I would love to add, but that is low on the list of what to do on Fluther.;-)

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I’m afraid I don’t think I have any strange reasons for following anybody. But I do think some people have some pretty strange reasons they follow me. And by follow, I mean check in every day to see what new stuff I have written. They say they find it interesting. Which, to me, is pretty weird, considering all the nonsense I put out. I mean being interested in something here an there is understandable. But everything??? That’s just plain weird.

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I can never understand why people would want to follow me.

Thanks, by the way.

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I follow people who follow me.

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I have no strange reasons. I follow people whose answers and questions I like.

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I added one person simply because they were hot. Other than that, I can’t think of anything “strange” that has lead me to add someone. I feel like I should be exploring more options. ha.

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Lol Ranger, I’m just a fan.

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They’re hot.


There are a lot of hotties on here and I’m lucky enough to have become friends with some of them.

Also, I automatically follow all those who follow me. Just seems courteous to me.

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Everyone I follow in My Fluther have really nice ears.
really nice.

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The smell of the glands in their anus. I’m a dog, fyi.

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Having ‘Being weird’ on their list of topics.

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I have several reasons that I follow flutherers.
Usually it’s because I see several answers that I love or really agree with.
Sometimes the avatar catches my eye and I check them out, like what I see and then follow them.

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Aaand, I blush.

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They have to have Tude! If they are sporting attitude, they wind up in my follow file!

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@Cruiser I like ‘tude, too!

But, not assholes with ‘tude.

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Is there an easy way to see if someone is following you?
Am I missing this on their profile page?

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@Jude Yep A-hole ‘Tuders go down in flames!

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Is there still a maximum number of people you can follow?

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I’ve only ever added…followed those who have done the deed on me first. Seems only right & proper.

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I add people whose questions I want to read. Most of the time I only look at questions from people I follow when I log in.

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I follow people for a variety of reasons, but I don’t really think any of them are weird (the reasons, not the people. I follow plenty of weird people!). Some inspire me, some amuse me, some give me a mental workout, and some strike me as utterly kind.

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I don’t add people all that often. I feel like I’m pretty picky. I add people I really like or by whom I’m impressed.

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@wilma If you go to your own profile, click “people”, then click “followers”, you can see everyone who is following you. If you go to someone else’s profile, click “people”, then click “following”, you can see everyone they are following and look for yourself among the list. Going to your own profile is probably easier.

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