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Can you get a ticket for taking up two parking spaces?

Asked by wgallios (1768points) January 13th, 2011

So I was going to lunch with a friend today, and someone in a nice 7 series BMW took up two parking spaces, obviously to avoid door dings and such. It was on private property in a shopping center.

I didn’t mind the fact the person did it, but it just made think, if a cop saw it and decided he/she wanted to throw the book at someone, is that a ticketable offense?

*note: I’m sure the law obviously varies from state to state, but at least what are your thoughts/experiences in your area

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These people are pricks, and maybe they can be ticketed but its unlikely.
The best thing to do is squeeze your car into the half space on their drivers side so they have to enter from the passenger door.
Makes for a great laugh especially if your watching, which is a good idea because you can apologize and move if they happen to be elderly or disabled.

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@noelleptc That is pure gold!

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If they put money in both meters, it might be ok.

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I love that he won @noelleptc.

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@wundayatta ya there were no meters, it was just a big parking lot

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I think you only get parking tickets where there is metered parking or handicapped spots.

You can get keyed, though.

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@jaytkay lol good point

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On private property, the police are only allowed to enforce two traffic laws: Handicap Parking and Reckless Driving.

Other laws can be enforced with a written request to the Chief of Police and an agreement signed by both parties.

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Private property? I don’t think it would be ticketable. On the other hand, if the owner wanted to have the car towed, he or she certainly could. I think. For any reason.

Interesting question, though. Do we have any rights when parking on private property? Do we have an enforceable expectation that the owner won’t damage our car in any way, nor have it towed, unless there is a sign at the entrance noting the restrictions to use of the lot?

I know that there were these RV people who used to travel around and park in Walmart lots. At one point Walmart wasn’t sure they were happy about this, but I don’t know if they got around to kicking those guys out.

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Highly unlikely anybody would be ticked for that sort of thing, but it MAY vary from state to state.

If he didn’t want his car to get scratched or door dinged, the sensible thing to do would’ve been to park at the end, and not be a jerk. I hate people who take up two spaces when it’s unnecessary.

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