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If a friend gets a parking ticket while visiting you, should you offer/insist on paying?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) July 22nd, 2008

street parking slipped my mind!

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Not unless you directed them to park in an area that would result in a parking ticket.

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If they were parking near your house in a place that you told them to park, of course you should. This would be your mistake.

However, if they parked there on their own idea, this would be their mistake. You offer your sympathy, and perhaps offer to contribute to paying part of the fines if you feel the need to, but paying for a parking ticket that wasn’t your fault would be insensible.

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It depends on the area. I know when I moved to where I live now, I wasn’t yet aware of the fact that during a certain period of every weekday, there isn’t a single street within a mile radius where you can park without risk of getting a ticket. So if I’d invited a guest and they got a ticket because I wasn’t aware, yes, I would offer to pay it. However, if I knew and warned them and they got a ticket, they made the choice, so I wouldn’t offer.

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Only if you did not provide them any insider information you possessed, for example, “Don’t park on Stump Street, because you will get ticketed.”

Even then, I would offer, but not insist. We are all supposed to be grown-ups who can handle our own transportation.

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did you tell them to park there?

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They own the car, it’s there responsibility.

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No way their ticket their problem. Would you pay their speeding ticket they might get while driving to visit you?

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If I were the host – I would offer to pay, if I were the guest – I would refuse the offer

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@nina it’s because i was raised by you that i feel IMMENSELY guilty for not offering. is it too late?

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@judyprays Never too late

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What are the circumstances? How did they get the ticket? If they were parked across two parking spaces, then it’s really not your fault.

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Yes for good karma, I’m sure you feel a lil bit guilty.

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My gf and I went out for a night on the town a few years ago. We returned to my car to find it had been towed as I had parked in some odd zone where between midnight and 3am, cars parked there would be towed. We went to the yard to get the car and first there was a fine for about $150 dollars for parking in that zone and then there was a $300 tow fee that had to be paid. I paid the $300. My gf took care of the $150. It helped.

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If it was me who was driving, I’d make myself aware of where I was parking. If I got a fine, it’d be my responsibility. What were the circumstances that led to the ticket?

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Absolutely NOT. Well, with one exception. If you told the person to park in the spot they got the ticket at and they were not familiar enough with the area to know they are going to get a ticket. In that case I would say at least offer to pay some. However, if you didn’t tell this friend is okay to park where they parked, it is their responsibility and theirs alone.

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Not at all, no. They chose where to park, not you. & the driver is always responsible!

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No. They were the ones who got the ticket, not you. How is that your responsibility? You shouldn’t feel obligated to help out.

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I suppose I would offer a BIT, but I’m just a generous spirit anyway. It’s truly the drivers issue unless as already said you guided them wrong and they had no idea. So who paid?

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