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In SF, can you get two parking tickets for a single violation?

Asked by nickbaum (49points) February 15th, 2009

I parked my car on a hill and turned my wheels the wrong way (doh!). Two days later, I came back and found two $45 parking tickets, given on separate days. Can I contest the second one? Shouldn’t they only give one ticket, given that it was a single violation?

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Well, maybe they just don’t like you.

I don’t think so. Granted, I can’t drive, nor do I live in SF, but i doesn’t seem like that makes sense. Either they should give you one 90$ one, or one 45$ one.

Either way, it can’t hurt to call them and ask…

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yip, different day, different ticket. Funny, they’re more adamant about the wheels in the right direction than they are about speeding.

But then, you wouldn’t want a stray car running down California Ave. ;)

The logic behind the whole thing is that after more than 24hrs you can’t determine if you’ve been parked there overnight, or left and returned.

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Of course they can give you multiple tickets for the same violation!

How do you think the city government makes all its money?!?

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You could get even more, but I imagine they would eventually tow your car, of course it never hurts to argue your point, you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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That sucks, Nick. I guess their logic is that you could just keep a ticket on your car to avoid further tickets. I would call to inquire, as @dverhey suggested, and fight it if you don’t get a clear answer. My dad recently fought a ticket he got when he was visiting SF (the curb was yellow, but there was a meter there). He won, and was reimbursed. Good luck!

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Great, thanks for the answers folks! My sense is that I don’t have much legal ground to stand on, but it might be worth contesting just in case they let it slip by. As you say, it’s worth a try.

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Anybody can contest a ticket and I hear you have a pretty good chance of winning. However it takes almost a full day in a place that most closely resembles Ellis Island at it’s peak. The building is in a bleak area south of Market with only limited short-term parking. So you can take a day off, to sit for hours in a hard chair in a dismal room and run the risk of getting another parking ticket just to save $45. I know, it’s the principle,

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Hm. All I know is my dad lives in Chicago, contested it in writing, and won. Maybe you don’t have to go through all that – I hope you wouldn’t have to.

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