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Is Firefox 4 worth trying?

Asked by TeamEdward (44points) January 15th, 2011

I use Firefox 3, have been using Firefox in general for years I saw something about a 4 once but am kind of nervous to try it. Does it work well with Windows 7? Some programs seem to be a bit temperamental with it, I know AIM is. Only one version that I have found works with Windows 7. I accidentally updated once forgetting this and was unable to open an IM window and had to downgrade again.

I don’t want to make this mistake with Firefox 4.
So what is the verdict from other testers?

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It works quite well with Windows 7. The only reason I haven’t switched over completely yet is that there are certain add-ons that are not yet supported; no surprise there since FF4 is still Beta and has yet to reach RC (Release Candidate) status. For the moment, I am running 3.6.13 and 4.β.9 for that reason.

4.β.9 is an improvement in many ways, but the Beta status does cause some minor issues, most of them having to do with missing add-ons. I have yet to have any crashes or stability issues though.

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Thanks jerv I forgot about that, I remember it when I upgraded to Firefox 3 from 2. The only add on I have that I really care about the most though is my adblock plus.

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I tried 4 beta for the bookmark syncing among my computers. And Firefox Sync sucked, especially compared to the Xmarks add-on.

So I went back to 3.

The final production version of 4 is expected next month. I will switch, but keep Xmarks.

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Ah I see ok, well I do not use that feature. But thanks for the input, it’s appreciated.

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I’ve always felt it’s worth trying any browser rather than take someone else’s opinion as gospel. Every user has his/her own needs and likes/dislikes. You can always delete it if you don’t like it.

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Of course I was just wanting to know what others thought and if others are having trouble what kind. I never mean to go by anyone’s opinion it’s just helpful.

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I’ve had decent luck with Firefox’s sync feature. I guess your mileage may vary :/

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