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Tab Groups in Firefox 3.5 Solutions?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) July 6th, 2009

This should be simple, I just want to be able to have groups of tabs, because I always end up with like 40 tabs and can never find what I want. There was an add on that did this but it was abandoned and 3.5 killed it. Any Ideas? Tab Kit is similar but not what I want. Tab Group Manager messes up with my web developer toolbar. A group of tabs. How hard is that?

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What about using the little button on the right of the tab bar. It will list the full titles of all your open tabs. Example

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3.5 broke a lot of add-ons. If the add-on you really like is broken now it should be updated soon, granted it’s developer hasn’t given up on it.

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That will probably get your old extension working. You can turn off compatibility checking.

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Sorry I can’t answer—but I add my request. Tabs can be saved as a group of all open ones—but as far as I know, no way to select say, 6 tabs from 40 open ones, to make a group that opens & closes together.
In tab kit one can sort by opener or domain, or move around, but that’s not the same as some topic-defined cluster. Is that what you mean? Would seem one of the first things developed. Wish I knew how. Surely more people would find that useful?

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