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Has anyone else had problems with Firefox lately?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9650points) April 7th, 2009

I thought it was just my computer at work, but my Firefox at home has been crashing way more frequently than ever before in the past week or so. I’ve run a virus scan and AdAware on both machines and haven’t turned up anything.

I can use Google Chrome, but I don’t really like it. Just wondering if anyone else has had Firefox issues lately and if so, what might be the problem?

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I have been getting a lot of problems Firefox ever since I let it auto load an upgrade. It won’t load some pages at all.

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Ya I autoloaded an upgrade as well and have been having issues. Not the same ones you are describing but nonetheless I’m quite annoyed.

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My firefox on linux is a little crashy, but I think that’s mostly attributable to the flash plugin, which absolutely sucks.

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I’ve been on v.3 Beta for about a month. I’ve had no issues thus far.

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Am using firefox 3.0.8 and the only problem i am having an AVG component is not compatible . Not had any other problems with it never have done

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Firefox was crashing so much I finally gave up and went back to Safari (which seems slower, but much more stable). I was experiencing at least one crash (or hang) per day—sometimes several, which is unacceptable.

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I’ve noticed my firefox crash twice in the past 2 weeks.It gets restored so not much of a problem.It looks like to be temporary glitch.

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Perhaps you installed an extension or other add-on that’s causing problems? Or maybe you already had an extension that doesn’t deal with the update very well? You might try uninstalling them all and then reinstalling them one by one.

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firefox has been driving me up the wall. i’ve recently been getting ‘google ADvance’ ads CONSTANTLY. they pop up and start talking, and after you ‘x’ them out, they continue to talk. it also crashes about a trillion times a day. half the time i can’t open up browse boxes – like to upload an avatar or something – and have to restart it. i used to adore firefox, but now i’m thinking about switching to another browser, because i HATE firefox now.

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I similarly had some problems with Firefox, but they were “good” problems as opposed to “bad” in my opinion. Unfortunately, as a result I use another web browser unless I really want to use Firefox on occasion. My problem was that I had set up Firefox to restrict a lot of things sites can do to my computer when I visit them, so I ended up not even being able to check some of my email at one point, since some of those sites like to get right into your computer, especially when they are offering free email.

On the other hand, Safari lets everyone and their dog have access to my computer, so that’s why I sometimes switch back and forth between the two.

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