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Why is my Optimum Boost NEVER reaching 30mbps?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) January 17th, 2011

Regular Optimum is supposed to be about 15mbps, we ordered optimum last saturday and were getting about 7/12mbps average. so we decided for $10 why not just get boost? so we did. instantly the speed went up to 30mbps for the whole day…it was incredible!! then for the next 5 days, it wouldnt go above 14mbps. so we called optimum and they scheduled an oppointment, the DAY he was supposed to come, we got 30mpbs all day again…JUST that day. So he left and said everythings fine. that was yesterday…now im back to 11mbps!!! its almost like they knew he was coming so they “fixed” it, and then when he left they sucked it right back from us! anyone else having this problem???

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You probably have a hardware issue on your end. Check all of the connections, and test your speed with a computer that actually has a cord running in to the router. You have ‘wifi’ in your tag list – you’re never going to get quite the same performance out of wifi.

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@Nullo There is no hardware issue. i know this because we DID acheive 30mbps for TWO FULL days using a brand new belkin dual band wireless N router that i purchased 8 days ago. and the computer i test the speed on is hardwired (not using wireless at all). and when we DID get the 30mbps those two days, all of the wireless computers achieved the same speed (30). Its dropping by MORE than half! and the optimum guy was here and said, “everything is perfect, brand new modem, brand new router, BRAND new cable line into the house. and we DID get the boost speed. but only the day we got it, and they day them came to check. not even CLOSE every other day. even now at 430am we are topping out at 12mbps.

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@futurelaker88 Then you have two choices: call them back and harangue the poor soul manning the phone, or else call for another service technician and see if your speed spikes again, and then harangue the tech.
Third choice: get another provider.
Fourth choice: cancel your upgrade and content yourself with 7mbps.

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@Nullo its almost literally like they have a cramped network and purposely give it to you when you first order it (so youre excited) and then bank on you not checking anymore. and if you do, they give it back until your service guy says “everythings fine” and then take it back again! lol. yea, its just the last week and a half has been NOTHING but optimum calls/chats and services. why cant we just pay, and get what we pay for?

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@futurelaker88 I have a long lecture on why, but it’s late, so I’ll make it short:
It is the business of business to make money.

That said, it’s not a good idea to swindle your clientele. I don’t know the people in question; I’ve never heard of Optimum before. I cannot confirm or deny your allegations. I do know that if they have even an iota of business sense, they won’t be undercutting you on purpose.

You seem irritated with your provider, so I’m going to suggest that you switch to someone else.
I have AT&T DSL. It’s fast. It’s not crazy awesome fast, but it gets the job done – 99 times out of 100, my videos load faster than I can play them. We had a stupid hangup for a couple of years where the connection would cut out every 25 seconds or so, and the solution was so stupid that I, the family techmeister, was made to hang my head in shame.

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@Nullo we just switched TO this service a week ago. from verizon dsl, who for 10 years had us waiting for FIOS to be available in our area….it never came. EVERYone around here has optimum. i cant find anyone who doesnt. but it seems its all problems here too. sure its faster than the 2.7mbps top speed at verizon, but we’re getting 11mbps, and paying for 30!!!! Thanks anyway man, i appreciate the help. more phone calls ahead

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You are paying for up to 30mpbs. Read the fine print.

One thing I love about DSL versus cable is that you don’t share the line, so your bandwidth is less affected by how heavily your neighbors are using the ‘net. We get all 7mbps that we pay for at all times.

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@jerv i realize that. but the “up to” is NOT supposed to mean the speeds can be less than original optimum online. the woman on the phone told me the “up to” meant maybe it will go down to 25/27mbps. not 8!

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I generally don’t believe phone-drones or other sales/support types unless they prove their “geek cred”. If they don’t know what a DNS server is without consulting their cue cards, I ask for someone else.

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Try using this thing:

It’s an automated test suite that will give you some useful data about your network connection. That way you don’t have to take someone else’s word about what’s going on.
There are a great many parameters that affect your connection speed, and it’s unlikely that the tech who came out to your house has access to all of them nor can determine more than a small subset without lengthy tests. It doesn’t sound like the tech stuck around very long.
If know how to use netstat or the Windows equivalent (apparently there’s a netstat bundled with Windows, but it looks like a retarded, stripped-down version of netstat) then you might set up some tests and keep them running for a few days in order to generate a long baseline of data. ntop is another potentially useful tool, and it offers a nice Web interface.

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