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How do I fix my wifi?

Asked by xTheDreamer (894points) May 4th, 2010

I’ve had problems for 5 days already with my internet, today I’ve fixed it. It was all a IP and DNS server problem, so now I can go on the internet but only via my computer. I can’t connect to the internet via wifi from my laptop. How do I fix this problem? What is wrong with it? On my laptop where I go to the two little computer screens in the taskbar I clicked it and go to Network and Sharing Center, I see the laptop name then the modem icon and name following by the earth this the internet. Between the modem and the earth/world there’s a red X mark.

I don’t know why my laptop won’t connect to the wifi from my modem but the computer is going on the internet via the modem thus the ethernet line.

So how do I fix this? Help please.

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Do you have a router? Many modems only allow one connection at a time and a router is needed in order to route traffic to more than one computer. If that’s not the problem, have you tried manually setting the IP and DNS on your laptop… similar to what you’ve done on your desktop? Just remember that the IP must be unique for both else you’ll get an IP conflict if both boxes are trying to connect at the same time. Often this means using local IP addresses and letting your router do all the complicated stuff but we’ll get into that depending on your response.

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Grab the manual for the WiFi router – start from scratch and reconfigure everything. Check specifically that if MAC security is turned on that you have the right MAC addresses.

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@jpwilson25 I do have a router, I’ve tried manually setting the IP and DNS on my laptop but I’ve used the same IP and DNS and then it said that the IP address has a conflict.

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You need to set a sligjtly different IP address from the one you used for the computer.

For example, if you set a static IP of for your desktop, you can not use the same IP for the laptop – the router doesn’t know which PC to send the data to. Change the IP address of your laptop to the old IP address +1, e.g. (for example – different routers have different default settings for LAN IP addresses).

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You shouldnt need to set IPs manually. The router should do it for you.

Use the run command to open CMD

Type in ipconfig and hit enter

Look for “Default Gateway” it should normally be

Type that into your browser and log into your router, google default password for your router model

Set the router to assign IP settings automatically

If you are having problems or if you need to log in (some dsl connections require this) then go out and buy your own router at bestbuy or somewhere and plug that in and set it to use the login settings that work and then any comp that connects to it will be using those credentials.

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@InspecterJones @the100thmonkey @jpwilson25 @DarkScribe Do you guys happen to know how to set the IP, Submask, Default Gateway & DNS on a MacBook Pro?

After this problem that I had from my internet I had to set all the laptops with different IP address so that I’m able to connect to the internet via my router. But now the only one left is the MacBook Pro and I don’t know how to fix it on there since it’s different from Windows settings.

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@xTheDreamer Google it, also, its time for a new router. What happens when you want to connect something through wifi that isnt a computer? Just get one of these and you wont have a problem.

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For my wireless router, I had to log into the default gateway and sign in to turn the wireless part on. For some reason, someone somewhere decided to default it to off. I just use NAT for IP address’ because except for my printer, which I manually configured with a static IP everything is wireless. This is funny because when I built the house, I wired two drops in each room for wired internet and put a drop in the attic for my wireless access point, which uses the router to NAT out the address’. I have toyed with MAC address security, but just use WPA security because I so far out in the ‘burbs I don’t care if someone leeches.

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If it’s not already, log into your router and turn on DHCP. This will allow your router to dynamically assign local IP addresses so that you don’t have to manually enter everything in. If required, there should also be a place for you to enter DNS information so that you don’t have to do it on every device that connects through it.

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