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Can I press harassment charges on someone for something that happened on facebook?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11973points) January 19th, 2011 from iPhone

Unfortunately it’s my own grandmother. Long story but I’ll sum it up by saying she doesn’t agree with my decision to divorce so she went on a rampage. She posted many very hurtful and disrespectful things on my facebook wall and attacked my friends. I took pictures of the things she said just in case it didn’t stop. I woke up an hour ago to see even more. I deleted her from my friends so this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. But she calls me constantly and leaves me very rude voicemails all the time. She sends disrespectful emails to my regular email address also. I want her out of my life. I’m pregnant and I don’t need the stress of this right now. She will never support my decisions so I want nothing to do with her anymore. In case this harassment doesn’t stop soon, is there legally anything I can do? I don’t want my own grandmother in jail so I don’t need any drastic measures. I just want her to know I’m serious and want to be left alone.

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I don’t think you can or should press charges, that would just aggravate the situation. Just block her from adding you as a friend or messaging you. She shouldn’t have any influence on your life, and she should respect your decision. Try getting her number blocked by the phone company or changing your number.

If all this fails, call Dr PHil

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Well, yes this is harassment, but charges or lawsuit is not really something you want to do. First of all try not to burn the bridge, maybe just a blockade till this behavior stops. If it takes extreme measures you could get an attorney to write her a letter, letting her know your rights and options and that should do it. Most of the time just the threat works.

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@XOIIO covered everything. All of us high-schoolers know from Mrs. Smith’s Internet Safety or w/e class that blocking harassers is the most efficient and usually most effective way of dealing with these people. You can also block her from your e-mail address.

@Season_of_Fall it was already sorta implied that she just wanted to use the threat if it came to that, but no harm done.

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Just tell her that if she keeps it up you never talk to her again. Ask her if she would ever like to meet her great grandchild. Let her know that is the path she is taking with her childish behavior.

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You should be able to get a restraining order to prevent the harassment. Go talk to law enforcement and tell them your situation. Explain that you don’t want to press charges against her but would like her to be forced to stop contacting you. These days restraining orders cover pretty much any kind of unwanted contact from the person who is harassing. If she fails to leave you alone after that, then she’ll face consequences. If anything, it should get the point across.

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@torchingigloos, Won’t her grandmother loose rights or civil liberties if she takes out a restraining order against her. Whats the cost of that as opposed to a letter from an attorney who could just explain to the grandmother what @ItalianPrincess1217‘s options are, including a restraining order?

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@Season Nope, she’ll just have to not contact her and stay away from her by like 50 yards or so. A letter from an attourney isn’t a bad idea, but to me it sounds like Grandma needs a bit more than a long worded threat from a lawyer. This will make grandma stop… Or Else. It puts the ball in her court and by not pressing charges originally… shows that IP1217 still cares enough to be somewhat nice about the matter, but is over the BS. It also gives IP1217 documented legal leverage against future problems with grams.

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Go on “Swift Justice” with Nancy Grace and teach the old lady a lesson!
No really though I think just ignore her change your Facebook page. (sometimes can be alot of work). But if she’s on the ignore list that will help. Block her number, change your number. I would try to cut ties but send her birthday cards and pics of the baby in the mail, just to get it across what she has done but also what she is missing…I have used this technique it is very effective at getting the madness to stop. Cards Also can express greatly how you feel but also give a great impact.
Whatever you choose, I wish you the best of luck and a stress less pregnancy!

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I bet it would be hard and messy and just more stressful and being pregnant you don’t need that….can you change your number so she doesn’t have an easy way to yell at you?

That’s so obnoxious.

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You can block her from calling you. Just call your service provider. What do your parents have to say about her harassment?

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Block her from contacting you (phone and Facebook).

Sorry, but, your Grandmother sounds like a total nutcase with too much time on her hands.

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There is no cost for a restraining order. There is a cost for a letter from an attorney. It is unlikely that there will be a restraining order issued without a threat being made. @Season_of_Fall A letter from a lawyer, which will cost money, is not really a good option because there’s nothing really that can be done with it. @torchingigloos A restraining order, which is unlikely to be issued and is impossible to get without going to court (even more stressful), doesn’t seem to be a good option either.

@ItalianPrincess1217 Contact the phone company and get her number blocked.

Just saw that this is a month old. Everything still holds though. :P

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