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If you were to change one thing in this world, what would it be?

Asked by Prark (69points) January 19th, 2011

What would you change? What do you think is important to be changed? And why?

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Education for every child, regardless of gender.

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No more drug laws. The sale and purchase, as well of the possession, of any drug cannot be a crime, and no one can be put in jail for it as a simple act.

Drugs would be regulated instead, ensuring the responsible sale and production of them. Crimes committed under the influence will be prosecuted in the same manner as those for liquor. People with addiction problems will be provided treatment rather than jail.

I think it is perhaps the most important legal change for the world.

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The violence that seems to be inherent in humankind.

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Good healthcare available to everyone, including specialists in all fields. No one should have to die because they can’t afford to go to a doctor.

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People would quit being so fuckin intolerant of everyone else.

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I’d make nutritional, tasty food grow like weeds, all across the globe. It’s a jab at both hunger and obesity!

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Public hangings for proven child molesters.

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A sure-fire way to ensure that child molesters will kill their victims to ensure silence – and also, considering the frequency of in-family molestation, to reduce reporting as children will be saddled with the guilt of having a family member killed publicly (see Kennedy v. Louisiana).

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Universal acceptance, humility, and open-mindedness.

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Another vote for free, easily accessible health care for everyone.

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I would remove all of the weapons.

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@mammal I enjoy you saying that in any circumstance, apparently. :)~

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I would make every gun disappear.

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@Austinlad me too, except for the fiddler :) he’s exempt.

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Attention all nations! New rule effective immediately:

The decision to wage war must henceforth be ratified by a referendum wherein only the mothers of the land shall be allowed to vote. No exceptions.

Thank You. That is all.

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Vegetables would be fattening and sugar, fat, salt and white bread would be healthy and have no calories.

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Change the hearts and minds of men and women so that they recognize all other humans as their brothers and sisters.

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I really don’t like my sister.

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@psychocandy Understand completely. One of my brothers annoys the shit out of me.

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Sometimes I dispair of the entire species, but then someone does something really sacrificial for a complete stranger and lifts my spirits. We’re a strange, strange breed!

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I think I’d make a biological change to all humans. I’d make us like a species in one of my favorite sci-fi shows: Farscape. In Farscape, there is a species called Sebaceans who can get pregnant and then essentially hold the zygote in stasis for several years if they do not want to have a child right now. It would give people the time to get financially and emotionally ready for children and all but eliminate the need for birth control and probably take out a number of taboos many societies have about sexuality. It would also probably help eliminate the glass ceiling in the US and the equivalent in other countries.

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No more peanuts. They will cease to exist. If that is impossible, the penalty for owning even one peanut will be death! muhahahaha!
Seriously though, I’m allergic and selfish.

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Cars that run on farts. There would be an apperatus that is molded from your actual butt on the driver seat. You would have to pull your pants down and sit on the apperatus and then you are all ready to drive. You will get over 100 miles per fart! There should always be a can of beans in the glove compartment Just in case.

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Clean refuse disposal.

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Haha, thanks @mammal.

I’d make it mandatory that the sky be filled with rainbows and every day start with a musical introduction.

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