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Can I apply immigration if I have mortgage to pay?

Asked by CarterChen (123points) January 19th, 2011

I bought a house few months ago with bank mortgage, Now I am going to apply immigration, and I am planning to continue to pay the mortgage after immigration. I don’t know if the bank will allow me to pay housing mortgage from another country.

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Sure. A mortgage is a contractual obligation between you and a bank. You don’t need to be a citizen of the U.S., at least, to buy a house…and I suppose it would depend on the laws of each country, but I can’t imagine any country preventing you from filing for any immigration status in that country because of debt obligations in another country – or because of any third party contracts.

What may be the case is that there could be limitations in your mortgage that may view such moves as a default, or may require further assurances. Therefore, I would look at your mortgage agreement more than immigration laws.

And note that nothing would prevent you, most likely, from applying. But if you’re going to be applying for immigration, it’s advisable to speak to an immigration attorney regardless.

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I have a former neighbor who owns three houses in our neighborhood, with mortgages, and returned to the Phillipines. He has a property management company that collects the rents, sees to the upkeep, makes the mortgage payments, keeps the house occupied. Are you planning on renting out the property? It would be prudent to have someone here with power of attorney to deal with property issues.

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Yes, people from all over the world own houses in the U. S. and as long as they continue to make the payments, there is no problem at all.

And btw – if you are moving out of the U. S. it is called emigration, the way you spelled it is entry into the U. S.

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No problem so long as you do not forget to pay.

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