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Does a spoonful of sugar REALLY make the medicine go down?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) April 12th, 2008
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Wasn’t that on Scrubs?

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mary poppins

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There is this berry that grows in Asia and Africa that if you chew them for a few minutes then take your medicine it will be sweet its on the blog on the Kiki Strike website.

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In the most delightful way!

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i’ve never tried it but i wouldn’t imagine it working. i imagine it would just make the medicine really sweet and even more “taste able”

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Aww man! breedmitch took my answer!! I heard if you hold a piece of bread under your nose it won’t taste so bad because our sense of smell is closely related to taste. It works well for cutting onions to stop tearing eyes tho. It acts like a filter.

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A little pickle juice helps the whiskey go down.

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Haha, it’s a good chaser!

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pickle juice is delicious. all my friends think im crazy!

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My pregnant daughter just told me yesterday that she was eating pickles with yougurt!

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BAM! Try this on for your medicine:

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sadly i’ve had one of them. hahah. my brother bought one for me at a convience store somewhere, i believe.

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I’m sending that link to my daughter. ppcakes, how was it?

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If it is in fact the same thing, it tasted like frozen pickle juice in a freeze pop tube, it was magnificent. I’m almost positive thats what i had, it was at some “hick” gas station in Virginia i believe, maybe a little lower, i don’t quite remember who we were visiting, it was some family somewhere, with a hick gas station and pickle juice pops and pickles in a bag. i of course received both!

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@kapuerajam: here are the berries you were talking about. I’ve had them. They’re amazing! Lemon rinds taste like lemon aid.

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