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Are egg whites good for you?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) April 12th, 2008

I’m under the impression that egg whites are really good for you because they’re high in protein but low in fat and other bad stuff. Is this true or did I make it up? Are there any detriments to eating egg whites? I’m becoming vegetarian and need to find new sources of healthy protein.

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Oh, p.s. I can’t eat egg yolks for the same health reason why I am becoming vegetarian.

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Well, are you becoming vegetarian because you empathize with the egg? Or are you doing it simply for heath reasons? Because if it were about the egg, it would be silly to eat egg white.

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Health reasons – stated above.

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a lot of my vegetarian friends eat egg whites for protein, im not sure about the fat thing, but i know they are high in protein!

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The only real detriment to eating egg whites is if you eat them raw, raising your risk of contracting the salmonella bacteria.

Otherwise, assuming you’re trying to lower your cholesterol, they’re a healthy alternative. If you’re in the states, so are other egg products.

They are, as you stated, high in protein and low in fat.

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An egg white omlette – the breakfast choice for athletes. Everything in moderation though, just make sure you’re getting a good balance in all the food groups.

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I googled “egg white benefits” :

”..And as a health-conscious consumer, you are aware that there is no fat and no cholesterol in egg whites. Egg whites are, however, packed with high quality protein and a source of 3 vitamins and minerals. Not bad for only 17 calories per egg white!”

The latter is from a company that sells only egg whites…. so I suppose that they have a vested interested in making it sound good. Still, obviously there is enough people who believe egg whites to be healthy for companies to start producing egg-white only products…

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They aren’t good for me because I am allergic to them. And because of that allergy, I can’t get a flu shot, or have certain injections in my knee. My primary doctor wanted to inject me with synivisc (sp?) which would have been a disaster because of it’s avian origin. Good thing I researched it first!

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hi just wonderd how many egg whites i should start with at the min i am having 3 in the morning with my creatine and 3 in the afternoon then 3 at night befor bed all with creatine and is ther any risks if i start having protien shakes aswell as wot im having

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Ya obviously…
Its very much good for health

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ya its very much good for health ..
Its rich in protein ..

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Yep. A lot of protein!

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