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What can I do about my Chevrolet 4.3 v6 engine overheating?

Asked by Riser (3485points) April 12th, 2008

My dad is having an issue with his engine. He says that he has replaced the water pump, radiator and thermostat.

The electric fan is working fine. It goes from 180 to 260 degrees and fluctuates constantly as he drives.

P.S. If this makes any difference, it’s in a 1937 Ford coupe.

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Overheating problems are usually fairly easy to diagnose and I would think if your dad is the owner of a 100 year old truck, he knows how to spin a wrench.

I would assume he either didnt properly purge the air out of the radiator and hoses (meaning there are probably large bubbles and the cylinder walls aren’t getting properly cooled) or he’s got a blown headgasket. You can usually ID that if there is fluid leaking from the heads or the rad fluid is spotty or milky.

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The Ford is trying to reject the Chevy motor. Much like a human would reject a llama heart.

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sometimes if the ignition timing is off it will make the engine run hot to very hot.

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Try replacing the temp sending switch/unit…It could be tha cause of a erratic reading. Then I’d look at the radiator, plugged fins, need to re-cored?

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my bmw 323se 1998 is overheating what could i do and draining the water

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air conditioner clutch.

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