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Can I mix normal power steering fluid with the lucas power steering stop leak?

Asked by trypaw (332points) July 22nd, 2012

My mechanic replaced my normal power steering fluid with “Lucus power steering stop leak” to seal up a small pin sized hole in my PS hose. Its been a couple months and my PS fluid is just below the dotted dash mark (not sure if that’s low or not) But I was wondering may I just add normal PS fluid now or do I have to keep adding the lucus stuff. Do I need to flush out the lucus before I put in my normal PS fluid? I would like to know if I can just add normal fluid now. Also is the lucus safe to leave in my car if I even wanted to?

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Also my car Manuel doesn’t say what PS fluid I should use. I don’t get it. Can’t I just go buy some power steering fluid? What does it need to be?

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there are different types of PS fluid. i.e. type F, dextron, etc. you can add regular PS fluid as long as it is the type your car normally takes.

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I am not sure what my car normally takes because my Manuel and repair book don’t specify. I buy the Fire star power steering fluid from the gas station and I’ve always used that. So may I mix that with the lucas?

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if it worked before it must be the right one, so yes you can.

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Ok. But Ive never tried mixing it with lucas stop leak. I just want to know if I can mix my normal fluid with the stop leak, or if mixing fluids would cause any damage?

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You do not want to flush out the old fluid, as that would return the leak you had.
Add the fluid you have.

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Ok so I’ll just add more Lucas. But for future reference they can be mixed?

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