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Car has vvvvrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound when I first start accelerating?

Asked by trypaw (332points) July 23rd, 2012

Got my car back from having a head gasket job. Now when I first start accelerating from a stop, it makes a vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr revving sound at about 5mph and then by 10 mph its gone and no further sounds but it does it every time I stop again and press the gas I hear it again. I had the shop who did the gasket job run a test drive, they really didn’t help or tell me anything just that its a older car and maybe its just making this sound, but its funny it didn’t do this before I got my gasket fixed. Any ideas? Did they do something else to my car?

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I can’t see how replacing a head gasket would cause your weird noise unless they did something to your carburetor. Perhaps the sound is coming from your transmission? It might just be a coincidence that now your transmission is having a problem(s).

God luck!

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Don’t tell the mechanic, you’re supposed to pay extra for that ! ;-)

Maybe they left something unconnected like one of those vacuum hoses or pollution feedback things that hooks up to the valve cover ??

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I don’t think it’s my transmission otherwise I’m sure I’d have bigger problems my car just revs more than it used to. And literally it didn’t do this the morning I took it to them I get it back and now it does this. So they did something. They don’t seem concerned about it or care. So I’m at a loss. And it’s not a bad sound just it isn’t used to sound like this when I first take off.

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So basically it makes a louder vroom that it used to.

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They put a new belt on your engine. New belts slip for the first 500 miles. That’s what you’re hearing.

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@filmfann I know they replaced my timing belt, and power steering belt. I don’t know if they did any other belts. I know they messed with them all. But would this really cause a noise when first accelerating? Or could they have possibly put on one of my belts wrong again? When the guy test drove it, he said something about maybe it was my exhaust? or heatsheild? I have no idea what that means

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New belts shouldn’t slip.

Belts should never slip. This also leads me to believe that the belt(s) are not at proper tension.

Too loose? belts slip and fall off. Even worse is too tight. That can wreck expensive components like power steering pumps. alternators, aircon compressors….

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so does anyone have an idea why my car has loud rev’s when accelerating? As apposed to it not having this problem before all my car work?

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@Crashsequence2012 I really don’t think my belts are on wrong (thankfully). My car is fine except for accelerating from a stop. The loud noise just alarms me as its not what it used to sound like.

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I had the same problem by the sounds of it. I went to the mechanic who said it was the heatshield and that I should not worry about it. He told me that only the noise is irritating but that there is nothing wrong with the car and not to spend extra money on it.

I am not satisfied with the answer because I still have the problem and I don’t want to have the window up just so as not to hear that sound! Anyway…...

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Clearly that noise shouldn’t be present. You shouldn’t have to tolerate it anyway.

Strange noises mean something is simply wrong. Period.

The fact that you now have this noise after paying a shop to do work is extra unacceptable.

I know you’ve stated that this shop (that I believe you should stop going to) has eaten up your repair budget but I think you should see another shop about this noise and from now on.

But first I would go back to the shop one more time and insist that they address the noise problem that they clearly created.

When you bring the car in I would respectfully inform the service advisor that you do not intend to pay for them to get rid of this problem that they made. You’ve already thrown plenty of money their way.

If they refuse you’ve lost nothing more.

Then, if I were you, I would take your car to a Ford service department. Explain the entire situation to the service advisor there. There’s no problem with you explaining you have no cash for repairs at this time. They should be willing to look the car over with the understanding that you will come to them for any needed repairs in the future.

While you’re there get a service history. This won’t include the engine of course as it’s been replaced.

Good luck and remember to keep your cool in this frustrating situation.

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