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Doctor Who. Still good?

Asked by sharl (424points) April 12th, 2008

So, two episodes in, what do you think of the new Doctor Who? Is Donna as awful as she might be? Did tonight’s Pompeii episode make up for last week’s attack of the flumps?

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Still good, yeah. I am pleasantly surprised by Catherine Tate’s performance. The emotional scenes tonight were played very sincerely. The plot in todays episode was far better than last week, better monsters with scarier voices. I enjoyed it.

Doctor Who is always going to be slightly novelty, as children are a large part of the demographic. That’s absolutely fine by me though, still a wonderful bit of British TV! Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a bit of David Tennant… gorgeous!

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I miss the the almost amature quality of previous versions. The new show failed to hook me like the older ones did.

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Ok so i’m happy that a new season is out, and to be honest i was dead worried that Catherine Tate would absolutely ruin the show but its not been bad. Besides i’m pretty psyched for rose coming back!

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I agree a little with Besafe. But, i’m looking forward to other episodes, and i’m always happy with DT as the Doctor. Is he really gonna be taking a year’s break from Doctor Who?

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How can he take a break; Doctors just regenerate, can he really change then change back, or will he just disappear for a while?

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Still fun. Still wouldn’t miss it. But don’t know if it was ever really good. Back in the old days, often it was the low production values that made it fun to watch. Sometimes I miss catching a glimpse of white sneakers running below the Daleks (not to mention Tom Baker, the Brigadier, Romana…).

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Dunno about how he is ‘taking a break’, but when i was little they still played re-runs of Tom Baker as Dr. Who – we used to laugh at how not scary the aliens were =D

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I watched it today…it was ok

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Online theres an episode guide up until 2011 and David Tennant will stay as the doctor.

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Okay. This next question of mine will show you my level of nerdship.

Those of you who remember Tom Baker as the Doctor might remember his companion Romana (full name – Romanadvoratrelundar. I warned you about the nerd level.) who was a Time Lady. So, my question is this. Could Romana have survived the Time Wars since the last time we left her she was stuck in “N-space”? Could she then make an appearence on an upcoming episode? Of course, Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward (once married to Tom Baker) would be too old to reprise the role. But as you know, Time Lords and Time Ladies have 13 lives, so that’s no problem.
Now it’s time for me to sharpen the pencils in my pocket protector.

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