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How can I tell if my cervix is dilated?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11979points) August 8th, 2011 from iPhone

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have done some research on self checking your cervix for dilation during the end of pregnancy. I came across this website and followed the instructions. Before anyone starts freaking out about how unsafe it is, please understand I made sure to thoroughly wash my hands and nails and was very gentle when I checked. If a penis can go in there during intercourse, I think 2 little fingers are just fine.

So after finding my cervix, I discovered the “hole” was open to about the size of my finger. Does this mean I am indeed dilated? I didn’t try to push my finger in. Even though some sites said it was okay to do, I don’t want to run the risk of infection or rupturing anything before it’s time. I’m just curious as to whether that hole means anything. Before I was pregnant my cervix only had a small slit type opening to it. So this is definitely different. Anyone try to check themselves during their pregnancy? What did you discover?

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It seems you are maaaybe a couple of centimeters dilated, but, there is a mucus plug that will not be discharged until later in the dilating process.

I had a yeast infection at the end of my pregnancy and was inserting Monostat creme when my water broke! I was a week early, and wondered if the monostat insertions did something. The docs said unlikely.

Sounds like you’re well on your way to labor! How exciting!

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I don’t have any experience in this field and therefore have no answer for you. All I wanted to say is congratulations!

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I’d ad that you could remain slightly dilated for the next few weeks til it’s time.
Also, no worries with the self exams, just make sure your fingers are clean, but, the mucus plug and amniotic membranes are a good barrier to the fetus.
It is only if your water breaks that you then need to not go poking around anf get to the hospital. :-)

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@Coloma Thanks for the helpful info! I completely forgot about the mucus plug. I suppose that will come out before I give birth. I was worried that if I am dilated, I might be in labor right now and not even realize it! But my plug hasn’t come out yet and my water hasn’t broke so I think I’m still safe. I don’t want to go too early!

@desiree333 Thank you! ;)

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Oh, you’ll know. Plus if its your first pregnancy it can take a few hours before you actually deliver. Most of the time where you hear about women who delivered quickly, either they already had a few kids already so everything was pretty stretched. Or they were having irregular contractions and didn’t think anything of it. They thought it was a false alarm. Unless you live miles away (like more than an hours drive) from any medical care, than I wouldn’t worry.

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How exciting! I hope you have informed your partner that we want an update when that little person arrives. And yes, you will realise. If you are unsure and think you are in labour, you won’t be the first woman to go to the hospital and be sent home (I did that).

I can’t wait to hear you have had this little person. :-)

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I never checked myself, because I had a retroverted uterus, and it was extremely painful even when the doctors/midwives checked it. It does sound like you’re a tiny bit dilated, but I wouldn’t worry just yet.

@Pandora My first baby (induced) was born in 7 hours time, from the time I checked in to the hospital, not in labor at all, to having my water broken, to delivery. Don’t be so sure you have hours… you never know!

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My mom was in labor under 2 hours with both of her children. She barely made it to the hospital with me. Maybe she ignored some of the pains associated with early labor? I have no idea. Anyway, if the contractions are close together, get to the hospital.

Did you take any of those birth classes? They give you a lot of info I think. My friends took the Bradley method I think? They were both very happy with it.

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With each of my pregnancies, loosing the mucus plug was the first indication that I was in labor.

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Yes, you might be dilated. I was dilated 4 centimeters for a month before I delivered my second child.

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@augustlan My first was 6 hours and my second was 4 hours. It still gave me enough time to check in and deliver my kid. Of course my hospital was only 30 minutes away. I’m just saying. Unless she is in the boonies, I wouldn’t worry so much. If I remember correctly, they wouldn’t even admit me till I was at least 2 cm and in active labor (regular contractions).

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@Pandora I don’t think anyone is saying @ItalianPrincess1217 should go to the hospital just because she is a little dilated.

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I checked my cervix with 2fingers, one finger slipped up a little whole is that my cervix dailated

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