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I haven't worked out since last August and I want to get back into it. I don't want to get all crazy with ridiculously hard cardio (right away). I want to build my way up. What should I start off by doing?

Asked by Jude (32134points) March 19th, 2009
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There are many many things you could do, depending on what you like to do for cardio and your individual circumstances, but, this ”8 Week Beginners’ Running Training Program” is one idea.

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I used to be a runner. Would love to get back into it. :)

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you’re so welcome! i actually really like this one because it’s not just “run 4 minutes, walk 10” blah blah. there are inspirational quotes like (that are actually cool, not really trite and laughable) and also because of the tips and pointers. you forget stuff like that when you haven’t done it in a long time.

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best thing is to build up your endurance again. I did this when I stopped running for a few months and wanted to get back into it:
start with 10 minutes of cardio, and work your way up each day about 5 minutes until you get to 30 minutes. then, continue to do about 30 minutes each day until you feel comfortable to add more time, and do the same thing, adding 5 minutes each time.
Since you used to be a runner though, I think you’ll build up your endurance again pretty fast.
Let us know how it goes!

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oh and @La_chica_gomela : GREAT site!!!

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Just start walking and increase your distance slowly over a week and then the second week start jogging.

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High Intensity No-Momentum Exercise

This is great. The idea is not to do a lot of reps very quickly but rather to do them very slowly without depending on momentum. You build strength with little chance of injury. After I had a stroke and 6 months of therapy, I could only leg press 10 lbs on my right side. Now I can press over 200 w/both legs and and my right is about 70lbs.

Also you don’t get all bulgy and distorted. Of course you should do some walking and flexibilty stuff too but with 20 min of this a couple of times a week, a daily 15 minute walk and morning stretching, you will be soon be in shape for more strenuous stuff without the pain.

This site has a better explanation

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I work at a fitness center on base in Florida, and I get this question all the time. Follow most of what everyone is recommending, but do follow one more thing. Don’t run every day, three times a week at most, walk or hike or find some other activity to do inbetween. This will work best.

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