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Whirlpool clothes dryer stopped heating. What's wrong?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) January 26th, 2011

The unit is about six years old. It stopped heating. I have changed the wall fuses. That’s not the problem. I suspect the heating element has a short in it. Question: is there a site I can visit that will give me firsthand instructions on how to replace the heating element, for free? I have changed elements before in clothes dryers. I do not want to start this project, until I have some visual do-it-yourelf instructions in front of me. Help!

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Have you looked at this ? I haven’t really checked it out, but it says it has videos…

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JilltheTooth, thank you. i am downloading this information as we speak. big help from you. john

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I now need to know the location of the 240 volt fuses that services the heating element. This dryer has a 110 and a 240 volt requirement to operate the motor, fan and heating element.

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@john65pennington there should be an owner’s or service manual online that shows where the fuse is. If you didn’t save the one that came with the machine.

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WestRiverrat, the dryer actually belongs to my mother. she is in a nursing home and gave it to us to use, since she will never return home again. i will look for the diagrams at her place. thanks for the heads up. jp

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Does this site help? Again, I didn’t actually check it out…

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When you take off the service panel, there is usually a wiring diagram on the panel itself or in a little envelope. It’s probably just the diagram, it won’t give replacement instructions. Before you replace the element, check the thermal cut outs. They are the safeties. They are mounted on the “box” that the element is in. Disconnect the wires and check them for continuity. If they are all good, the next most likely suspect is the element. Disconnect the wires and check for continuity. Then check to make sure its not grounded to the dryer itself. If it checks good, check the element for ohms resistance. The resistance is probably in the fore mentioned wiring diagram.
Before you hook the dryer back up to the vent, clean it out. If it is clogged, it blew out the element or safeties. My favorite way is to tape an electric yard blower to the vent, where the dryer was connected. After you turn it on, go outside and check the exterior vent. It should be open and blowing lint etc. out. I let it run for at least 20 minutes.

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