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Is this a better way to take my vitamins?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) January 26th, 2011

I take Garden of Life: Vitamin Code vitamins. For me they’re great.

Everyday I take the suggested amount of the men’s daily, the raw b complex, and the raw c.

These vitamins are raw food.

They come in little gel caps made from tree cellulose. The capsules are easily opened for pouring the contents into juice. I have to open three bottles twice a day to get them.

I don’t like those two things about this situation: the gel caps, and the opening and closing of the containers.

So, I thought, I should just open all the capsules into one air tight container, in the correct proportion. Then all I will have to do is make sure I am getting the right scoop size, and I am all set. No more extra bottles, and no more capsules.

How do you think the contents being exposed directly to air will affect their potency, rather than staying more contained in their capsules? How will the different vitamins react together?

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Why don’t you just take them as capsules as intended with food?

I do think it will affect their potency.

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@marinelife capsules are weird. Opening all three bottles is tedious twice a day. Compared to one bottle.

Why do you think it will affect their potency? The capsules don’t seem to be airtight, and I open their container everyday anyway.

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The way I take my supplements is by putting them in a little separated container made for pills.It goes by the day of the week.I just spend a few minutes putting them in for the week and I’m done. I don’t know how much it affects their potency.I do know that they have helped me immensely and my method of doing it hasn’t changed in 2 years.

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I second @lucillelucillelucille – why not just get something like This

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Opening three bottles is tedious…. seriously?

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Seriously, its dumb to open three bottles! I started storing them all in one bottle because they are different colors! But I have to handle them more, which I prefer not to do! It’s also hard to track down a particular type when there are only a few left in the bottle.

@uberbatman always be thinking SIMPLIFY!

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simplify is fine but tedious is a bit of a stretch, no?

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Is it?

Te-dious adj.: tiresome because of length or dullness.

Everyday twice, I open and close four bottles. If I can make it one, it will be less tedious.

Is it the most tedious affair? No, not by far. Is it as tedious as answering double or triple everytime someone doesn’t like your choice of words? No.

Do I particularly mind doing whatever needs to get done? Nope.

Would I move a mountain to get to what is essential when I could just as soon walk around it. Nope, not me.

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Why take them at all? Just eat well.

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“Eating well” is different to different folks. To get the type of nutrients that I get from these particular vitamins on a daily basis from food would put me in the poor house.

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Really? Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, a few servings of milk and meat a day.

Vitamins are superfluous and a waste of money for most people, and often not absorbed. I can’t tell you how many times I see intact vitamins on colonoscopy.

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@Rarebear you should check these vitamins out! I think you will like them. They ARE raw food. They are certainly not what you’ve seen on a colonoscopy.

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No thanks. I’d rather eat a carrot.

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There are lots of things you can do with a carrot!

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I think it’s risky to open up the capsules all at once in terms of potency and maybe some other issues. First, you expose the contents to air and light which could effect the potency. Also, there might be an issue of some of the “ingredients,” the vitamins, binders, whatever else is in the separate capsules to interact with each other in some unpredictable or negative way if they are all allowed to sit around, mixed together in the same jar for a long period of time. I wouldn’t do it. I’d stick to the tedious daily opening of the capsules.

@Rarebear at the very least @Ltryptophan‘s vitamins will not end up intact in his colon as he removes the contents from the capsule. And yes, the perfect solution for all of us would to simply eat right. Eat fresh, wholesome nutritious food in a balanced way that provided all the nutrients that we need. All of us should do that, not all of us do or ever will no matter how many times we resolve to do it. Doctors tell us the best way to go about maintaining our health and eating well, but for many of us the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Vitamin supplement, at least a good solid multi, make up for some of our failures and weaknesses in maintaining healthy eating practices.

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@lillycoyote Show me a double blinded randomized controlled trial that shows improved outcomes with vitamins in healthy people, and I’ll believe it.

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The point of this question is not to CONVINCE Rarebear, the point is to help Ltryptophan.

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@ladymia69 Yes, or at the very least to answer the question that @Ltryptophan actually asked rather than the question “Is there any benefit to taking vitamin supplements?” which is not the question he asked but the one that many people seem to be answering.

@Rarebear I do like the imagery though. I wonder if heavy supplement users would think twice if they pictured the insides of their colons decorated with pills and capsules like they were Christmas tree lights.

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@lillycoyote I read about one story, which may be apocryphal, of a guy who cleaned out his outhouse and found piles of undigested vitamin pills on the bottom.

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Eat a balanced diet and add a one tablet vitamin supplement as part of your daily requirement each day. Natural source vitamins are better absorbed by the body from the foods. :-)

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