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What is a good supplement for a Rottweilers hips?

Asked by bradman70 (43points) February 27th, 2011

My rottie is getting a little older. she is having a hard time standing up. her hips seem to be bothering her lately. What is a good supplement or vitamin that really works and will help her?

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My dog has hip dysplasia now that she’s older and basically anything with glucosamine in it is good for their hips. For my dog, we give her a glucosamine tablet in the evening after her walk as well as a doggie aspirin to help with the pain. You can pick these up an any PetSmart. Just be sure that if you buy anything labeled “hip and joint medication” that it has glucosamine in it because that’s what helps with the joints and prevents them from stiffening up.

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This might help. My parents use this for their 15 year old pom. My boys are still young and active but I know that eventually they’ll start having some joint problems and it’s good to know what’s out there when the time comes.

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I have seen the cosequin before wasnt sure if it actually worked or not. I hate spending money on the expensive meds geared specially for pets when there is a human version available that will work just as good and is cheaper. Can you give dogs regular Ibuprofen? Just a side note, she is 120 pounds.

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@bradman70 This is what we use for my dog. It’s about $13.00. If you use human meds on your dog (aspirin, ibuprofen) you’ll have to mess with the dosage and it can wind up giving your pet ulcers. We had to use human aspirin on my dog for a while when we couldn’t get a hole of the pet stuff, I think we were giving her half a pill or something, but it’s definitely not recommended for prolonged periods of time. The aspirin is even cheaper, it’s around $5.00. And both of these work really well for my dog. She gets pretty stiff at night and they both really help, especially the aspirin. Before that she had a really hard time getting around.

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@bradman70 PLEASE LISTEN!! I cannot stress this enough. Never never NEVER use human medication for animals. It can cause liver damage and any number of other dreadful things and will lead to a very painful end to your dog. It is NOT a matter of messing with doseages, these meds are not made for animals and can do such serious damage. Please if you care for your furbaby at all don’t do this, especially not just so you can save a few bucks. They give us everything, and rely on us entirely, don’t sell your angel out like this. The doggie aspirin mentioned by @global_nomad above seem really cheap, and if they work then that might be the answer, at least they are designed for furbabies and hopefully won’t do any harm.

When my dear collie, a beautiful lady, developed arthritis many years ago, the vet recommended we give her one capsule of cod liver oil a day. Just from the chemist he said, it might not work but it can’t do any harm since there are no chemicals/toxins in it, just pure cod liver oil. Within a few weeks she was walking so much better and had one a day (we used “Seven Seas” ones because the chemist suggested them when we asked, telling him what the vet had told us). Pedigree chum make joint care treats; which contain glucosamine in them and they seem pretty good too, we bought them for our furbabies till we lost them both. Also Walmart make their own brand of them too, I think.
hugs honey xx

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I just went through this with my old boy and the vet prescribed Previcox. Worked well for a while but his age just caught up with him. I also gave him a non prescription powder on his food, it is called Sasha’s Blend. He made it to 13 and a half, so something must have been working.

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One thing to be aware of with the joint supplements- it takes several weeks to see results. My personal experience is 4–6 weeks. I give my Sofiya a human supplement, Schiff joint care with glucosamine and MSM. I take it, too!

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I would see a vet. Rotts are very stoic dogs. If she is showing signs of pain, she is probably in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, most over-the-counter joint supplements have been shown, in clinical trials, to be ineffective.

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Unfortunately, most over the counter joint supplements for animals are snake oil. Most of the stuff you buy over the counter will give you a placebo effect for your animal where you convince yourself that they are moving around better or feeling better. The best thing to do is to take it to the vet and let your vet decide.

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I had a lab mix with hip problems. The vet suggested glucoamine, available as a dietary supplement in most supermarkets and pharmacies.

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My dog is on Rimadyl. Liver enzyme tests show good tolerance to standard dose. I give him a bit less than standard dose on weekdays, standard dose on weekends when we go on longer walks. Works well enough, but $$ still adds up.

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