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When you were younger, did your report card not quite get to your parents, when they were first given out (you hid it, or said that you lost it)

Asked by Jude (32167points) January 27th, 2011

Tomorrow, my third graders are getting their report cards. I remember back to when I was in the 4th grade and I got a shitty mark in Social Studies. The rest of my marks were A’s, and a B in gym :), but, this one was a low one. I was being a lazy, defiant little bugger and couldn’t be bothered to hand in an important project. I was also the one who got in trouble for talking and was ordered to write “lines” (spelling words and definitions) over and over again at recess. :)

Anyhow, I hid it in my desk for a good month and a half (shoved it to the back along with a moldy peanut butter sandwich and a wad of Empire Strikes Back trading cards). My Mom kept asking me, “Aren’t you supposed to be getting your report soon?” Me: “I dunno” (accompanied with shrugged shoulders), and off I went with my long, wild hair (tomboy), to play. Boy, did I get in shit when she found out. :)

My girlfriend threw hers off of a bridge, lol!!!


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Nope, never hid mine. In my day, there were two parts to a report card, academics (which I’d ace) and for lack of a better phrase, social skills. That portion I always messed up on. “Needs more self-control”. “Talks too much”. “Refuses to sit still after completing work”. Yeah, whatever.

My cousin would hide his, though. Hoo, boy. I remember seeing his one semester when he was in 6th grade and it was ALL Fs, academic and social. Ooooh! Got. His. Arse. BEAT.

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We weren’t on an ABCDF grade scale when I was in elementary school. My report card always had Os (Outstanding) or Ss (Satisfactory) – I can’t remember what was below an S. My parents received every report card and attended every parent teacher conference. The main complaint my teachers had was that I never spoke in class. Go figure.

I was far more harsh on myself about grades than my parents ever were. I always wanted a straight-O report card, but never got one.

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I always got As when I was younger, so I was always pretty proud to show off my report card. However, I do remember getting a C (!!!) in phys ed one year from a teacher with whom I didn’t get along well. I cried.

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Not when I was a kid…I was pretty good (usually got A’s or B’s)....I’ve been pretty good about my grades my whole life, but I guess when high school started, I stopped showing them my grades..well…because they stopped asking me about it. So for the rest of my high school year they just assumed I had good grades and that I’ll graduate with the rest of my school mates..which I did…Now tho, I demand to look at the grades of my siblings (my parents don’t care) to see if they’re doing ok…And most of the time they are..but sometimes I catch some C’s that leave me asking questions…especially if its an English class…I don’t ever get mad at them, I just talk to them and figure out why they’re grades are decreasing, and they tell me….We work on it, and sure enough, next grade report, they’re back to they’re beautiful A’s and B’s :) Leaving big sister proud.

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No I didn’t hide them.
I do like the idea of throwing things off bridges though.XD
Your GF rocks!

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@lucillelucillelucille Actually, Lucille, she corrected me. She threw it in the river. She was riding her bike home from school, stopped and decided to chuck’ter in the river! haha! When he Mom found out, she turned into Linda Blair from the Exorcist!

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I am moving and found a folder that has all my report cards since K and apparently I didn’t have the guts to hide my report cards even though it is quite obvious I should have. Grades like I had on a few of those would guarantee my X-box AND cell phone would be taken away!!

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Nope. The first time I got a C (4th grade, 3rd marking period) I was so upset I went home crying that day. When my mom asked me what was wrong I showed her the report card. I think my reaction to it duller her response. I always had As and Bs up until that point. After that I went back to getting As and Bs so I never worried about it. By the time I was in high school, I didn’t care anymore if I got a bad grade (I had a little bit of a rebellion in high school and stopped caring about my grades).

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@jude Too funny! :)

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I hid a bunch of my report cards in grades 9, 10 and 11. Not because there was anything bad on there as I had an A average. My younger sister used to have a really, really hard time with my report cards. I would pay for it many different ways and it just became easier to not show my mom.

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Never. My parents always knew when it was coming. I wouldn’t have dared not bring one home.

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Mine were never that bad and it never crossed my mind not to show them to my parents. They knew when it was coming as my mother’s friends had children at my school so I would never have got away with it. I still have them, thin green books written up in fountain pen, but I no longer have parents to show them to.

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I was too good of a little girl to ever hide them; plus they were usually pretty good.

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I got a D on a progress report in 7th grade; I pulled it from the mail. The day it was to be returned with signature, I tried to forge my mom’s signature (with a cartridge pen like my mom used.) I did such a bad job I was embarrassed to turn it in, so down to the Vice Principals office where they called my mom.

Long story short, I was grounded and I had to go to summer school in the subject, The summer school was private for kids with “issues” and I had to see a shrink every week for the summer.

I learned my lesson, and next time played dumb like @Jude.

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I was a “good little boy” growing up and neeeeeeeever considered not showing my report card to my folks, even when there was a D on it. That’s all I’ll say about my pre-college grades, thank you very much.

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Never. I grew up on a farm and went to a small town school. Everyone knew everything about everyone and uh everything there. I don’t believe the thought even ever entered my mind (to hide my report card). I was top of my class until about grade 5 ..the abuse at home started showing itself in my grades.

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I didn’t have to hide my report cards as my Mom was too busy working to look at them or to care. Somehow I managed to graduate from college with a B.A. degree.

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I don’t remember what happened with my grades. I’m sure I gave them to my parents, but I don’t remember ever discussing them. I also don’t remember what my grades were.

My daughter just got her first report where she was graded on the A through F scale. She’s been in a school that writes reports instead of giving grades. But she’s in high school now.

She can’t keep her grades hidden because they post them on Edline, and we have our own secret password to get in to see them. Thus it was, last night, that I was the first to find out she had a B+ in Algebra. She was expecting a C. She had been doing very well—best in the class—until the final exam. She says it was small errors that did her in. I guess she got a bit careless. She’s bummed about it, because otherwise she would have had all A’s.

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Impossible for me. We have this bullshit now, which lets ma and pa check grades online. He does it every Saturday. Someone help me…

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Such a thing never even crossed my mind. Maybe it was because I was a straight A student until I my third year in high school.

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No way! I would also get the Linda Blair show if I tried something like that!

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My report cards were pretty predictable and I was proud to bring them home.

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I would have got the rounds of the kitchen had I hidden my report. I think doing that would have been worse than anything they could say about my very average performance.

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I altered my junior high report card to the mark necessary to pass with the previous grades. Was not a deliberate attempt to deceive, but to learn where, and how much, I needed to improve. Well any port in a storm.

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