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What infrequently seen grizzly who puts up a good fight needs to stop by the mansion once his rounds are over?

Asked by iamthemob (17147points) January 27th, 2011


You’re a privateer matey. Let’s get drunk and forget our past…until we start into it again…

…okay, because it’s your party, I’ll shut up – no getting into it tonight.


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Yay, @Rarebear! Huzzah on reaching 10K! Woohoo!

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<<<<<<<C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S>>>>>>> party time

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Yay, Rarebear! welcome aboard! (or overboard?) Grab a salmon and a mug of ale, and party down!

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Congrats @Rarebear! Way to go!

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Congrats on the 10 grand @Rarebear!

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I, along with Carl Sagan, and the cosmos, salute you!


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Congratulations @Rarebear!!! Keep on keepin’ on!

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Congrats on the 10k. You’re the one Bear everyone welcomes on the grounds.
Now we can finally answer what Bears do in the woods. Yay!

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Congratulations Rarebear!

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You have a very good reason to be infrequently seen. It is so nice to see a doctor take time out of their busy lives to help us sort through the mysteries of the human body.

Many thanks for your educated answers.


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All right! Congratulations!

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Congratulations @Rarebear! You are a Flutherer I have come to admire. Your posts are practical and smart and always add to the discussion.

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Q: What is a polar bear’s favorite breakfast?
A: Ice Crispies


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you’re one of my favorites! Congrats!

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Rarebear is an anagram of Bare Rear. True story.


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Aww, yay! Congratulations! We go waaay back.

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Science nerds are hot. Just sayin’.

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Congratulations on the 10K!!

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What? Cosmos? Sure! Cosmos for everyone!

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Congratulations! Love it when you pop in!

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@Rarebear I can only say it is a compliment to you that I thought you were a woman until last month. My favorite guys are those I think are female.

Your wisdom and medical acumen have been a great asset to Fluther!

Mazel Tov on the 10K!

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Ho’omaikai, Rarebear!

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Congratulations! Nice work!

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Thanks. @marinelife pointed me to my party. I really have a lot of fun here!

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Well-done, rare bear.

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@iamthemob Thank you for hosting the party—I didn’t even notice until @marinelife pointed it out. I was busy this morning writing schedules and then I had to do a crash intubation.

@partyparty You are aptly named!

@JilltheTooth But I don’t swim that well…

@seelix Thanks. And I love your haircut

@cruiser Thanks, I enjoy your posts.

@jude Carl Sagan is a hero of mine, and yes, I am hot. :-)

@erichw1504 I’ll keep on keeping.

@worriedguy I’ve done that in the woods too, many times

@wilma Thanks

@tedibear Nice to see there are other bears around

@seaofclouds Thanks!

@Tranquilsea Thanks, I try.

@syz Thanks!

@marinelife Thank you so much for pointing me out to this thread.

@WillWorkForChocolate I like bittersweet

@nikipedia Likewise!

@jaytkay Bare Rare is rarebear spelled sideways.

@psychocandy Thanks!

@TheOnlyNeffie Thanks

@seazen Todah

@aprilsimnel Link didn’t work for me, but it looked like it was to the food network, so it had to be good, thanks!

@janbb Thanks. I consider it a compliment, thanks!

@hawaii_jake Mahalo

@shego Thanks!

@Simone_De_Beauvoir Wis is such a long and distant memory, isn’t it?

@Bluefreedom Thanks!

@gailcalled LOL!

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Con grat grat grat ulations!

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A little late but Congrats.

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congratulations and celebrations cuddly xxx

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Great job, congrats!!

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@OreetCocker Thanks!
@nebule I like looking at nubulae through my telescope
@Adirondackwannabe I love the ‘daks
@wundayatta Tha—nnkk-you
@Lightlyseared Thanks! (I was going to write a crude GI joke, but only you would get it, and it would gross everybody else out. Consider the joke said).

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Here’s a present!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Late again. Congrats @Rarebear enjoy your personally made lazy boy with a built in fridge and climate controls.

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Many congratulations to you! :-)

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@Fred931 Oh, classic. Magnetic silencer indeed.
@YARNLADY Thanks! Us old wissers have to keep together (I was Benny)
@stardust Thanks!

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I wanted to wait until you acknowledged the existence of this thread, given your views on points (which I share!). Well, anything to celebrate is a good thing :>)

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@crisw It was going for quite awhile until @marinelife pointed it out to me. I actually hadn’t even realized I went over 10K until the PM. As you know, I don’t pay much attention to points, but still, the warm greetings made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Huge {{{{{{bearhug}}}}}} CONGRATULATIONS!

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Rarebear is a rare bear indeed. You’re one of the most reasonable, intelligent contributors to this site. Rock on, @Rarebear !

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Congratulations @Rarebear What terrific news to come home to!

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Congratulations @Rarebear, my old friend. I’m very glad you stuck around here, after the diaspora. You can never have too many voices of reason.

If you you ever find yourself at the Delaware Shore, bring a copy of this comment because it entitles you and a guest to lunch and pints at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth, on me. You live several thousand miles away, so the risk of you taking me up on this offer is pretty slim, but I really do mean it.

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Congratulations, RB. I always enjoy your contributions here!

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Nice job Mr. Bear. Lemme shake your han…h-han… Aaaaaahh, fuck it
::BEAR HUG::!!

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Congratulations, @Rarebear on breaking the 10K barrier. Your understanding of science and medicine add a great deal to the collective. Your new digs in the mansion are richly deserved.

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Well done. Congrats.
My top bunk is free.

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@Axemusica My ideal fridge will have several kegs in them. Thanks!
@augustlan Thanks, and thanks for the heads up
@cockswain My college crew team asked me to be their coxswain, but I had to get up to early. Thanks!
@Kayak8 I love kayaking, and have some great kayaking stories. Thanks!
@lillycoyote Awesome! Thanks!
@cprevite Thanks
@breedmitch But nor your bunk…? :-) Thanks!

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Congrats. I hope I can be like you someday : )

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Congratulations! :)

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OMG. Well, I was busy WORKING and watching Judge Judy and doing other important stuff and I clean missed it! Congrats Rarely Bear! (You do know that I’m waaaaaay ahead of you in real life! Just sayin’....when you see the room in The Mansion with the Natty Lite cans stacked in a Pyramid in the window sill….well, yeah. You can have that room till I get back. :)

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The wondeous things one can discover when one goes looking for hemorrhoids! 10K! YAY!

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@Blackberry Oh my goodness, why?
@lucillelucillelucille Thanks!
@Dutchess_III Yup. That’s what people think when they see me. Hemmorrhoid

Dutchess_III's avatar

No. They think “Pain In The Butt,” is what they think. Sorry to burst your bubble (but that IS one way to cure the issue, isn’t it!)

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@Dutchess_III Oh, well true ‘dat.

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Congratulations, @Rarebear! May your skepticism continue!

Rarebear's avatar

@SavoirFaire Thanks. Yes, my skepticism isn’t going anywhere.

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Welcome welcome welcome!!!!

Rarebear's avatar

@Dog Thanks Dog. Unfortunately, my wife and daughter prefer cats.

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@ETpro Thanks so much, I love your questions, and you’re one of the reasons I stick around.

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@Rarebear I like people like you: skeptics and people who appreciate science and the universe in general. You’re very knowledgeable. But ‘no homo’ lol.

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I’m sorry I’m late.

Congratulations RareBear!!! :D

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@Blackberry Then you already are like me. I’ve read your posts over the last couple of years—you’re as much of a skeptic and scientific realist as I am.

@ducky_dnl Thanks!

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sorry for being late Congrats Rarebear, I’m glad you are around this place! Sometimes watching you in a thread reminds me of Grommit:

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Congrats to a most civil and knowledgeable contributor.

Fuzzy wuzzy wuz a (rare)bear :)

Rarebear's avatar

@liminal Thanks! I’m at work so I can’t watch the video, but I’ll be sure to see it later. I’m a huge Grommit fan.

@Buttonstc People have described me as many things, but fuzzy and wuzzy aren’t generally among the included adjectives. :-) Thanks.

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Yeah. Poky and bristly are better.

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Congrats, @Rarebear!! Job well done! Welcome to the Manse!

Rarebear's avatar

@Dutchess_III heh..heh…you said poky.

@jca Thanks!

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Well, who knew that Rarebear was a follower of the “Beavis and Butthead” dialectical ?


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@Buttonstc – all of the best people are!

Buttonstc's avatar

Good point !

Dutchess_III's avatar

Well, it’s easy to tell @buttonstc. I mean, srsly. He’s a doctor and he uses words like, “poop” instead of “bowel movement” and he uses words like “butt” as official medical terms! He probably uses “poky” instead of “intercourse.” “Doesn’t it hurt when you and your husband do the poky?” Srsly. Bet he does!

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Heh..heh…you said “bowel movement”

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Here’s what Winnie the Pooh (a bear of very little brain) says:

”“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?’ ”

Rarebear's avatar

@gailcalled Pooh is my favorite bear. Ever.

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@Rarebear: I thought as much. How about this?

“When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.”

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@gailcalled And here I sit, thinking. And I’m thinking of a typing song.

And here I type and hum a hum
And as I hum I sit and type.
And typing a type I type and hum
And hum and hum as I type.

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Gads! Missed another 10k celebration!

Congrats RB! We appreciate your keen insight and charming answers! WTG and Congo Rats!

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@filmfann Thanks! I like good movies also. Bad ones too.

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