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Can an iPhone get a virus?

Asked by Alina1235 (373points) April 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m sorry if I can find it through google, but you fine people are so smart I’d rather ask you :) and what kind if it can. Since its like a mini computer?

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Yes. Anything that uses software can get a virus.

Even the RAZR can get a virus.

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so what happens? And should you still watch what kind of email you open and what sites you visit?

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There aren’t any as of now. I’m sure you’ll hear about it someone ever makes one. The virus has to be specific to the OS you’re using. So, don’t worry.

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The thing about a computer virus is that they only work if they can spread (hence the term). It would be very hard to create a virus that spread across such a specific platform from user to user so it’s not at all likely for the forseeable future.

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thanks guys. Didnt think about that. Good point

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