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How can I trace a blocked phone call?

Asked by ryibd (27points) April 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I have been getting calls from a blocked number by the same person for a while can anyone help

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Call your service provider!

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bree is right I don’t think there is any way but through a provider. Star69 would not work I don’t think

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Don’t answer. I don’t answer blocked calls, so people unblock their number when they want to call me.

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You can’t. And the service provider can’t either. I have a feature with my phone service that gives a message saying I don’t accept blocked calls. I also don’t answer calls if I don’t recognize who it is on the caller ID. If it’s an important call, they can leave a voicemail and I will call back. That way I am never bothered with telemarketers or other annoying calls.

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@scamp: How do you know if you have that feature with the message saying you don’t accept blocked calls?

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My service is through my cable comapany, and it’s listed under features on the website. If you don’t have a website to go to, you could call your service provider and ask them.

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