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Where can I find a book that explains Alan Turing ideas?

Asked by timetogo (27points) January 28th, 2011

Or a documentary but I want I want to know his ideas in detail

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The Enigma is a book about cracking the code; Breaking the Code is a play and film. Both focus on Turing’s life, ideas and role in cracking the WW2 code. Each should give background on Turing machines as well.

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I found this, this and this as well as a few others (including “The Enigma”) on Amazon.

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I did see a lot of books on Amzon but I wasn’t sure if they went into great detail of all his ideas.

Some of these books just explain the basics.

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There’s lots of stuff including this biography on Google books. It is a national disgrace that Alan Turing was not treated as the hero he was and was instead hounded to a miserable death.

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I’ll give that a look over, I don’t really care about his life just his work and what thoses ideas meant in the long term.

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@timetogo Hope it is helpful, there are other books about Turing in Google books.

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I’m going to keep looking and ask my local library to get in some books on his ideas.

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Next year is the centenary of Turing’s birth; events, links, and other information are available at THE ALAN TURING YEAR.
Also consult the The Alan Turing Home Page maintained by his biographer, Andrew Hodges. This book might be helpful if you’re interested in his contribution to computability theory.

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The Annotated Turing;
A Guided Tour through Alan Turing’s Historic Paper on Computability and the Turing Machine by Charles Petzold
ISBN: 978–0-470–220905-7

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how weird, I just read brains in a vat today and it references alan turing.

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If you want to learn about the theory of computation you can use this book.

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Good reply. Have you read it yourself?

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@timetogo I used it during my undergrad in computer science. In fact, the author was my professor.

P.S. It isn’t a book focused on Alan Turing, but Turing Machines feature prominently in the theory of computation.

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