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Is there a Mac viewer for gotomypc?

Asked by rufuswashere (26points) January 29th, 2011

I have the program gotomypc on my work computer (running Windows XP Pro), and would like to access it from home using my Mac. However, I get the “Universal Viewer” option only, which is quite limited—isn’t there a Mac viewer?

If so, where is this viewer? Do I download it from somewhere? My Mac at home has System 10.6.5.

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You can use it with a mac. Look for something in the downloads section of the website perhaps.

Or maybe you just use the website. I don’t know, I haven’t used it, but it does appear to work with Macs and Windows.

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An alternative is using Windows XP Pro’s native Remote Desktop and the Mac’s client.
XP server
Mac client

Your work firewall would need to allow port 3389 to reach your work desktop, so it is highly dependent on the IT policies. If you connect via a VPN that is more likely to work.

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Hi, there is a native Mac viewer for GoToMyPC that you can use, to get it automatically you will need to update the Host software on your Work PC. If you have an single user account I’d recommend logging on the website and opting into our beta program from the menu on the left. Our current beta version adds File Transfer to the Mac viewer. We also have toll free 24/7 support and are on Twitter @GoToMyPC.

Glenn Dobson – Community Leader
Citrix Online

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Thanks, Glenn. I have a corporate account, and just updated the Host software on my Work PC, but the mac viewer option still does not appear when I use my Mac at home. I also tried right-clicking on the icon in the lower right for a software update, and got the message that no update was available. Any other ideas?

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