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If your former childhood self could meet you now as you are, what do you think their first impression would be?

Asked by ucme (50037points) January 30th, 2011

This of course calls for hearsay & relies heavily on not only how you perceive yourself now, but how you were as a child. Maybe the child you once were was a cheeky little bugger who may be less than complimentary in how they/you turned out. Or perhaps suprised, albeit pleasantly so, at an unexpected future persona. I’m kind of tied up in knots now so i’ll stop before I confuse things further. I hope i’ve made myself relatively clear, thanks.

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You go girl!

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I think the child I once was would be happy with every aspect of my adult life (job, family, friends, home) except that I’d gained weight. I think I’d hear something like: “It’s good you’re still wearing the doc martens..glad you still listen to cool music.. but dang lose some weight!”

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Wow, who’s this dick?

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Where’s your hair?

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“Wow, I really can be a boy?”

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“What a grumpy bastard!”

It’s sad, and I’m working on it.

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“Who’s that guy that looks like my dad?”

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If my 8-year old self could meet me, he’d think I was way cool.

If my 18-year old self could meet me, he’d call me a total sellout.

They’re both right. So it goes.

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“Nice going!”

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“I think I am going to research how to stay a child forever…this is a rip-off!”

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50 years and you’re still playing with chemicals, rockets, and electricity?!

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Wow, you look a lot like mommy, and I can’t believe you gained so much weight. How is it possible you live in TN? Nice house though.

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I’d smile and shake my hand.)

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Wow! How’d you get so lucky!!!

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I don’t know this man (but that’s only a first impression, he would know me very well.)

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I was so self-centered as a child that I don’t think I’d recognize myself as a grownup. I’m still stubborn and self centered, but I hide it well. I have the habit now of trying to recognize when it’s not about me. I’m genuinely interested in others. That 6 year old wouldn’t know me if she saw me. And I’d have little patience with her.

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I think she’d be really sad, and maybe I would be too. Now, if I could just tell her some stuff to take back with her, so she could change some things…...

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“How the hell did this happen?”

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She’d think I was short and not as pretty as she’d hoped for. She’d wonder how come I haven’t had as many husbands as she’d planned for me. She’d also look around and wonder where the cat was who was supposed to be wearing a diamond and emerald choker.

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OMG! I hope I don’t grow up anything like that dork.

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She’d tell me I need to start having more fun.

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“Wow! What a goober.”

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I was sort of a serious and quiet kid so I hope she would think “wow, I didn’t know grownups knew how to play! And she really listens to me.” (I love talking to children) The kids in my family soon learn to beat up on me with pillows and jump all over me because I don’t yell at them for it. But children don’t judge adults as adults do so I really can’t imagine how I would perceive myself.

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“That guy needs a shave.”

It happens to be true.

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man, what planet did this chica come from??

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“Why the fuck doesn’t this guy get a haircut and shave off that goatee – damn wannabe biker lookin’ nerd, doesn’t he know the 60s are over?”.

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Very first impression? I think it would be something like “She looks a lot like me in my baby pictures. Yikes, another relative?”

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