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I'm in need of something... help?

Asked by seazen (6123points) January 30th, 2011

I need some blocks – you know – abc children’s blocks.

I don’t like ordering online, and they are really expensive new anyways – ridiculously so.

Anybody have an old set hanging around – any condition (I’ll just wash ‘em and paint ‘em if need be).

I’d supply my mailing address and reimburse for post. Thanks.

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These are only $12. Melissa and Doug stuff is great quality. Just like the old style ones you used to get. I would worry about paints being safe in an old set. They are much more careful about toy safety than they used to be back in the day!

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@Earthgirl Thanks but you missed where I wrote: I don’t like ordering online. It’s okay, one of my old jelly friends here will help out I’m sure.

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yeah, sorry I did just see that you said you don’t want to order online. Can’t help you there I’m afraid!

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Let me check around with some of my friends who have kids . . .

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Several retailers carry Melissa & Doug merchandise. If all else fails, you can try the local stores. You could even call around so you don’t have to waste time and gas.

AC Moore, the locally owned toy store and the teacher supply store all stock M&D in my area.

Another place to check for any brand would be a children’s consignment store such as Once Upon A Child.

I will check with my friends who have children and get back to you. You never know!

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Have you checked your local thrift stores?

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Do they have to be blocks? Would alphabet magnets do, the big plastic ones? I don’t have either myself but I have a friend who might have one or the other, possibly both but I wanted to know if the magnets might be suitable for your purposes, if they would be good enough if she doesn’t have the blocks.

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Why don’t you try making your own? Get some scraps from a lumberyard. It would be more fun and you could personalize it.

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@lillycoyote Could be good too. Let me know and we’ll discuss mail. @XOIIO I am considering it too, but I’m not very handy.

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How many do you need?

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@BarnacleBill 1 set. Preferable the embossed kind – the one where you can feel the shape of the letters.

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Let me see what I can dig up. I think there may be some in the basement.

If you’re looking for tactile, Montessori uses tactile letter cards to trace letters. I’ve made these before with rubber cement and sand.

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@BarnacleBill Thanks. I actually attended Montessori as a child. But I am looking for blocks.

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Not sure what you mean by “really expensive”. Toys r Us, and Babies r Us and Target have them for about $15. I haven’t checked Big Lots, but they probably have them too. And I agree with @crisw that you might be able to find some (if not a whole set) at a thrift store.

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Those who do not know: I am not in the US. Thanks for your help guys.

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