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Is swimming good for a 12 year old German Shepherd with arthritis?

Asked by chickadee (38points) January 31st, 2011

My dog is a little overweight and so I’m trying to get her to exercise more. She has arthritis pain and is 12 years. I was wondering if swimming would be a good activity. Shallow or deep water also.

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Shallow water swimming, or even just wading up to her hips would be easier on her joints than walking or running on land. Don’t push her too hard to start with, she will have to get used to the new medium.

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Yes, absolutely! Try to find a heated pool, though.

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Agree with answers above! It helps humans why not dogs, the worst part may be if your dog has never been in a pool…

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probably the best thing for that and hopefully she finds it a lot of fun too. Bring your suit too.

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My dog had to have reconstructive surgery on his foot and ankle. His bones were screwed to a metal plate. He loves to swim. His surgeon said that swimming would be the best way to rehab his ankle and foot. He went for his check up yesterday. It has been two years since his surgery. His vet said that he could hardly tell that he had had any damage at all. The swimming has been perfect exercise for him.

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As long as he or she isn’t showing signs of discomfort I don’t see a problem I mean it is good exercise

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