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Can giraffe swim?

Asked by sally_adams (8points) January 3rd, 2007
I have asked a friend who is now working in Africa to send me a photograph of a giraffe swimming. Can I expect to receive one from him or am I sending him on a 'wild goose chase?'
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I don't know the answer, but why would they need to swim? The water would have to be very deep. I wouldn't think they'd be able to swim.
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No; they are among the very few mammals that cannot swim at all.
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The people who say giraffes cannot swim have no evidence. If they can swim they do it very rarely. The major rivers in Africa separate the different giraffe species. There is a rumor of a picture of giraffes wading across the Nile. There is a more substantiated rumor of a giraffe drowning when it fell a considerable distance from a cargo crane into the Hudson River when it was being unloaded from a ship.

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