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What are some of the funniest things you've seen on the internet?

Asked by Allie (17441points) April 13th, 2008

How about this?
It actually made me laugh out loud. Even though I was alone.

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chuck norris fighting a bear.

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I like this:

I like it when the dad gives him a drag.

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dang peedub! 900 score! Baller!

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I love this YouTube clip – we’ve got animals talking like humans.

Oh, and then there’s the two talking cats – and the translation of what they’re saying!

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Not the funniest thing on the interwebs. But its the best ive seen in a while

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Forgot about this . I wish i could find this movie with english subs it looks hilarious.

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of course! haven’t been on in a while, but about 6 months ago all of it was pretty hilarious!

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…god dont you know rules 1 and 2.

4chan really isnt all that funny. Like yea it is at first but it loses it really quick. Especially if you see the people who frequent that board all gathered on one location (otakon).

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I just found this randomly, for real. I don’t think it’s a joke but it’s funny.

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@uberbatman, yeah thats why i said about 6 months ago, hahaha. i rarely check it nowadays and otakon made me think twice before i ever went on 4chan again, it was like a huge cock fest full of /b/tards

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johnpowell: i love how the mom is just sitting in the background knitting. haha.

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blowing up the dead whale on the beach—— “sheriff, we need more dynamite!!

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I just KNEW I was going to love this thread!!

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@Allie AH HAHA that was awesome. I love Reno 911 shame it wasnt real though would have been much funnier. :P

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uberbatman: I’m about to say something that makes it a lot funnier.. I thought it was real. Oops.. =\
In my defense, I’ve never watched Reno 911

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Its alright allie i thought the same. Thats why i was dying and then i scrolled down and read the comments and thats when i found out. Kinda loses something when you know its fake right?

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Yes, it definitely loses something. I feel cheated and kind of heartbroken.

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