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Is there a great wrinkle cream that's worked well for you?

Asked by RobotGirlfriend (44points) February 2nd, 2011

I’m starting to see fine lines and wrinkles of the cannot-be-covered-with-a-bit-of-makeup variety, and I’m hoping to find people who have already been there, and experimented a bit with products, who can recommend products that they’re not being paid to promote, things that have really worked well for them, that they’ve liked the results of. I don’t need a miracle, don’t hesitate to tell me if there’s just something you’ve always liked the smell of, or the way it makes your skin feel. :) Please DON’T tell me about this amazing wrinkle cream that has kept your skin really smooth if you are 19 years old. That is depressing. Thanks!

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I love the Olay line. If you are just finding concerns, I recommend the Definity line. Go to their website, there is a question/answer place where they will tell you what to use.

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Can men use it? :)

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ROC night repair creme. It’s got some retinol A which sloughs off dead skin making wrinkles less dry and craggly but it can irritate and make skin red too if you’re sensitive. Use a good sunscreen during the day under your makeup.

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My neighbour (female, 53) swears by Rosehip Oil In case you were wondering, no I do not have any financial interest in this company but their products, philosophy and price have a lot to recommend them. I’m quite sure you could buy Rosehip Oil in the US

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another vote for Olay.

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