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Is snow clean?

Asked by JustJessica (4054points) February 2nd, 2011

Is it clean when it comes out of the sky, before it touches the ground? Or is it full of all the pollution that’s in the air?

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I believe that it all depends on where/how it enters are location.

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I think in most areas, snow is safely clean when it hits the ground. But there are some places that produce acid rain (because of the air pollution), which is really awful and polluted and I figure that those same places would drop snow that might be full of impurities.

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White = usually. Yellow = not so much.

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I knew the yellow snow would come up!

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I don’t think snow is as good a gathering up pollutants and dropping them on you as rain is but, depending on where you are, it’s probably not clean. I think wherever you are, all things being equal, the snow that falls where you are is cleaner than the rain, but that’s about all you can say.

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It’s so nice and fluffy and white, I want to make ice cream while it’s still fresh but don’t really want the pollution from the atmosphere in my ice cream… Even though I guess I breath it everyday… I guess I might as well eat it and enjoy it!

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I loved sugaring off – maple syrup on snow. Just saying.

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Wow. That should have read ‘our’ not ‘are’.
My face is yellow.

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If you don’t cut it with baking soda.

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I remember hearing that In Vermont, out in the country (less pollution,) they put fresh snow in a dish, pour maple syrup over it and eat it. It’s a big treat!. I think it depends on how much pollution is in the air and how long it’s been on the ground. Some snow falls in clumps and that might not be as clean as that which falls as individual flakes. Catching a snowflake on your tongue isn’t going to kill you.

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We used to do the maple syrup every winter just in leveled off snow. I think anywhere there’s not much industry, snow is clean enough. I’m the only Canadian who doesn’t like maple syrup.

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@Sunny2 Uhm that’s what I just wrote. :-)

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@cockswain YES! I eat snow still to this very day so I hope it is clean.

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I think urban areas would have nice cleaner snow, than Detroit, NY or southern CA.

Tibetan snow?? Clean or not….. Sounds spiritual to me….can they send it to me??

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It’s probably not entirely clean, but it’s never made me sick. I love to eat egg nog with a bunch of snow in it, so I ingest a good bit of snow every year. I also have lots of friends that regularly make snow ice cream and have never had any trouble.

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Sweet, I got some from outside as soon as it fell so I have fresh snow still, I’m going to make ice cream!!!!

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@seazen Sorry to step on your toes. I don’t always read carefully.

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I’m getting ready to have a jagermeister and redbul slushy with snow for ice!

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It is impossible for rain and snow to be “clean”. There must be

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