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Info on old blues song " Deep River Blues "?

Asked by mij (691points) February 4th, 2011

Who was the original writer of this song?, and who first released it?
Where can I find guitar chords and lyrics?
I got them deep river blues…
ta muchly

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Deep River Blues was written by Doc Watson.

Here are the guitar chords.

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mij I love Doc Watson! Saw him perform at last year’s Newport Folk Festival. My other favorites of his are Blue Railroad Train, Windy and Warm, and Red Rocking Chair. As he performs he is fond of telling stories from his life. Enjoyed the stories as much as the music! He’s just great, a true legend.

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Does anyone want to hear a Doc Watson story?

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I would love to hear a Doc Watson story, so go for it…

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Doc told this story at the Newport Folk Festival last year.
When he was a young man in his 20’s friends and family would gather together outdoors for the long process of making molasses. They would cook it up in big kettles and as it boiled they would need to skim off the green scum that rises to the surface. While they were doing that the kids would be running around and folks would just be hanging out together talking. Doc would entertain them all by playing his guitar. One of his friends daughters who was about 8 years old at the time was sitting on his lap and threw her arms around him telling him “I love you Doc!” So he said to her (and this was so great, the way he related this) he said to her, “I know you love me now, but what about when I get all old and grey and wrinkled?” And she said “well, I love you now Darlin’!!! ” He still laughed to think of that brief, sweet moment after all these years. But of course, to hear this story told with his voice and inflection is much better. Check this link about molasses making to see a pic of the scene Doc is talking about.

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