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Has anyone found a pic of Frances Lawrencina Anderson?

Asked by dkranzberg (532points) February 4th, 2011

I read this story about my favorite director producer, Steven Soderbergh’s supposed infidelity & love child:

Has anyone found out anything about this woman, or found a pic of her?

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Well, celeb sites down under give a bit more info..

Frances Anderson met Steven whilst he was preparing to present his play about Casey Anthony (Tot Mom) in Sydney in 2009.
The baby, Pearl Button Anderson, is 5 mo. old.

It appears that Frances may be a writer/director in Australia. See this: short film

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After @geeky_mama lead and a search at IMDb, I found the movie “Nancy & Frank – A Manhattan Love Story.” It is a German production, and lists Frances Anderson as the lead actress. If this is the same Frances Anderson, then these pics would be her:

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Hard to say..because IMDb doesn’t link the Frances Anderson who did the Australian short film with this one who acted and directed in the US & German films.
But..good sleuthing nonetheless! At least you found pictures..I couldn’t find pictures anywhere. ;)

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