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Is there any law that states you have to have milk with cereal?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) February 5th, 2011

Every cereal commercial on televsion shows a bowl of dry cereal being garnished with milk. Is there a law that states that cereal must have milk in order to taste good? I did not have milk, one time, and poured on a leftover beer over my cereal. It was a different taste. Question: is it mandantory for dry cereal to have milk in order to taste good? What other liquids have you tried over dry cereal, when the milk was all gone?

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I like yoghurt.

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When I eat cereal, which isn’t often, I eat it dry. I don’t drink milk. I hope the cereal police don’t fine me over it.

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You put beer on cereal?! Dude that’s fucking awesome.

But no, there are no laws, that I know of, stating that milk had to go with cereal, but it is a general consensus that they go together. (Some laws in some places get so retarded that if this WAS a law I’d almost not be surprised.)

Once I put orange juice in my cereal…it was an accident. Let me explain…see the juice was in a carton just like in a milk carton. I reached out quickly, wasn’t paying attention, and took the juice instead. I did notice, while readying the first spoonful, that the ’‘milk’’ looked weird, and I attributed it to light effects lol. But when I put it in my mouth I realized it was juice and I’m like whoooa wtf.
But I wasn’t gonna let all that go to waste, so I just ate the cereal like that. Can’t say it was the best breakfast ever, I do prefer milk…but nah, no laws, you eat it with whatever you like, just don’t get sick. XD

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Constitution, Article VIII, Section IV, Clause IV:

“And the people must therefore pour milk over cereal; anything else is an abomination.”

Or wait…maybe that’s from Leviticus…

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Soy milk, no milk, I also like cereal in my yogurt, as @Lightlyseared mentioned. I know a person that actually prefers water in their cereal.

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Greek yogurt and blueberries over Wheetabix for me!

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my daughter eats her Oatmeal Squares dry with her fingers, like they’re a snack.

Hot cereal, my mom just put a pat of butter on top with the raisins and brown sugar.

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It would be refreshing to see a cereal commercial and a beer commercial combined. I think it would work, just not on Saturday mornings though. Lucky Charms and Pabst mmmmmmmmm.

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I once saw my granddad have his corn flakes with orange juice. I tried it once. I didn’t like it.

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I don’t put anything on my cereal even when I have milk… lol But yea, who came up with the Cereal/Milk combination anyway?

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I’m dairy intolerant so if I eat cereal at all I have it dry. If I have muesli I put fruit juice on it.

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DominicX you made me laugh and thats a good thing. thanks, john

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I once used Pepsi. But usually it’s soy milk or yogurt!

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I am dairy intolerant so I can’t have milk, and I don’t really like soy milk. I will occasionally use apple juice but I find juices too sweet. Oat-milk is nice on cereal (it being basically made of cereal to start with).

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