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Who hates a "soggy" bowl of cereal in milk?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) May 8th, 2011

My bowl of Wheaties are great for about 3–4 minutes in the bowl with milk on top. Then, they become limp, if you know what I mean.
Question: is there not a cereal out there that will stay crunchy in a bowl of milk for longer than 4 minutes?

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Grape Nuts will stay crunchy, but who wants to be eating hard little pebbles? Ouch !

My solution to the problem for myself is to pour all the milk into the bowl and then just add my cereal in smaller amounts as I’m eating it, roughly a handful at a time.

Sounds a little odd but it works for me. Cinnamon Toast Crunch SHOULD be crunchy not soggy.

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I love Grape Nuts… :\
I just use less milk. I hardly use any milk at all in my cereal, and I just keep mixing it up as I eat it. I may only put a few tablespoons of liquid in my bowl. My cereal is never soggy.

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I’m sure you cant get these, they are the supermarkets own brand for a Spanish supermarket. They are called “Choco-Rock”. An appropriate name considering they are just as hard as a rock. You need to soak them for a good 10 minutes, dunking them with your spoon so they dont shatter your teeth. They are not so enjoyable.

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I hate soggy cereal and if I am in the mood for a cereal that gets soggy in milk I tend to just put a tiny bit in a time eat it and then make more so it doesn’t get soggy. Otherwise I won’t eat it once it gets soggy.

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Poop in my Cheerios usually puts me in a bad mood.

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I love to eat cereal quickly before it goes soggy.

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Not me!I eat oatmeal every morning,so soggy is good.
If you keep expecting cereal to stay crunchy you will be a man of constant sorrow
That would be sad,John. :(

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Grape-Nuts stay crunchy, though, as my grandmother used to say, it’s like eating a bowl of rocks.

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Soggy cereal is the devils work.

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Substitute yogurt for milk. Once you try it, cereal in milk just seems wrong.

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Capitan Crunch claims that it can fight the Soggies

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I’m with you there John, I despise soggy cereal. When I eat cereal, I always wolf them down really fast so they don’t have time to get all soggy. I can’t stand it lol, especially stuff like Corn Flakes.

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I hate soggy Frosted Flakes

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That’s why I usually eat granola.

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I love boring cereal, like grapenuts they are wicked hard tho. I hate milk, but I’d venture to guess that Granola-like cereals must stay nonsoggy. Honey bunches of oats? Cheerios? Smart Start?

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Soggy cereal….blech! Actually, I’m one of those quirky people who prefer eating cereal dry. Those rare times when I do add milk, I don’t add very much. Just enough to moisten it a bit.

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I love soggy cereal. I put the milk on, then stir to make sure it’s all covered, then wait 10 or 15 minutes until it turns to mush. I usually put it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up.

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Yarnlady….are you for real?

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@john65pennington Crisp cereal hurts my teeth and gums.

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