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Why would a man pour cereal into his milk?

Asked by raum (13212points) September 5th, 2019 from iPhone

We are friends. He likes to pour his milk into my cereal. Last weekend, he poured cereal into my milk.

I asked him if he wanted me to pour the milk into the cereal or to pour the cereal into the milk. He just gave me a weird look and asked me to give him his bowl of cereal back.

I went to Costco and bought him his favorite cereal. He likes Captain Crunch. And there was a coupon for it this week. Is it okay that I used a coupon?

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You forgot to add that you feel that you love him and you believe he feels the same, due to his pouring cereal into the milk.

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I agree with @jca2 – but only if he is sleeping with his brother’s ex-wife when he buys the cereal.

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Keeps the cereal crispier, longer…maybe?

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What if they are having sex, but actually sleep in two separate beds?

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@raum, then they have to have different cereal flavors.

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Is it the hotel’s fault if they’re in separate beds?

If he’s a FWB and they’re in the same room, should he feel an obligation to sleep in the same bed?

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I don’t eat cereal with anyone else.

But I think he is sharing the Costco box of Captain Crunch that I bought for him. He says it’s a share size.

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Love means never having to say “I’m sorry”

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I blame Uber.

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All of these queries can be answered with a dose of Count Chocula.

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@filmfann Huh…don’t know if that went with this question but ok~

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You’re obviously missing the point. The cereal has to be kept by the woman to use with the 2 different men in one hotel room or another that might also be a hotel room or it might be a car in the alley, and the man didn’t like Capn Crunch. It was definitely Cheerios.

Coupon?!! You stooped so low to use a coupon?! The man was never interested in her in the first place.

Please forgive me for using proper punctuation.

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We’ve been eating cereal together for years. We have had Cheerios in public.

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@raum cow’s milk or goat milk? It makes a difference.

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or coconut milk.

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Because he doesn’t think he should have to pay for milk, when he gets free honeybuns.

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C’mon, is this topic not milked enough already?
Almost starting to get a cereal character.

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@rebbel Coupons. There’s also coupons involved.

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People, it’s ALMOND MILK

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I agree! Brian194 had the best answer ever!

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If he pours Cornflakes into your bed it’s for sure he loves you.

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Has he been a friend with cereal for many years?

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Many many years, @janbb. Don’t you read my posts? He loves me, he just doesn’t know it yet.

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Are they serving cereal at the wedding I wonder? Will he be sharing his cereal at the wedding that I’m not invited to?

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“We’ve been eating cereal together for years. We have had Cheerios in public.”

You’ll know he truly loves you, when you both have honeybunches of oats, in front of the guys he doesn’t want you to date! ;-p

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He wants a second bowl of cereal and that’s all the milk he has. No point in pouring the milk into another container just to pour it back over the cereal.

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He sounds like a sociopath.

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@MrGrimm888 You mean like a cereal killer?

I do not think he is a cereal killer. He is a very sensitive guy. When John Mayer comes on the radio, it makes him cry. I have to comfort him with milk and cereal.

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Lol. He indeed sounds like a cereal killer:)

I love John Mayer. “Gravity,” is probably my favorite song of his.

Doesn’t make me cry. But it does get to me. It’s very well written, and composed.

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What does it mean when he stares at his cereal?

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What does it mean when the man’s cereal is in one bed and he’s in another?

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Maybe he is being thrifty, by reusing the milk, and making it last longer.
My grandpa would pour a little bit of water into the last of the milk carton for his tea. To get the very last drop of milk.

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I do both. I pour cereal into an empty bowl, then pour the cereal into the leftover milk to use up the last of the milk.

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