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Is it in poor form to buy supplies on Etsy, make something with them and then sell the resultant craft on Etsy?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21433points) February 6th, 2011

I don’t know much about the business side of Etsy. Mostly I browse and on occasion, purchase. However, I’ve become interested in starting my own Etsy business. Since there are a lot of Etsy suppliers who sell things like beads and paper ephemera which I would be using I would be interesting in buying from them. However, since these people are selling their supplies on Etsy, I’m just wondering if it is frowned upon in the Etsy community to sell items made from Etsy supplies.

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As long as this does not violate any of the rules and regulations of Etsy, i see no problem with your endeavor. after all, the supplies would be there forever, if it were not for your talent to make things happen with them. i say go for it.

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I don’t know for a fact, but it seems to me it would really be the opposite effect. I would think that people would appreciate keeping things within the community – perhaps even arranging to link to one anothers’ stores.
Having said that… I can’t help but wonder if that is really the most cost efficient route. Etsy, being comprised of hand made items, tends to run a little bit on the pricey side.

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From what I know about this community they are thrilled when someone makes something over and into something new.

If you are worried ask the seller if they have a problem with it. I’d be very surprised if they said yes.

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That’s EXACTLY what you should do on etsy! I buy some of my scents on etsy and use them in my soap that I sell on etsy. :o)

I’ve been an estisan for years now. If you want to see some promos that were made for etsy that better explains the concept of etsy go here:

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Thank you for your answers, everyone! I know it seems silly to worry about but I just want to make sure my Etsy experience is the best it can be. :)

Edit to add: @Enuf: Some of the Etsy supplies are pretty expensive but there are some odd beads and paper supplies that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Also, let’s face it, it’s fun to look at the pretty stuff available. :)

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No, not at all. Etsy crafters supporting each other is what Etsy ia all about.

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