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Can anything be better than a puppy lick your face?:)

Asked by Alina1235 (373points) April 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I have a 4 pound little Maltese named maashi. She is my life!!!!! I’m so happy when she kisses my faxe

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Um, yes. I know where that tongue has been. I don’t like that “puppy breath” either.

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I can think of many things I would prefer.

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i almost got another dog, and if we would have, it would have been a maltese. hey’re very cute. also, they’re hypoallergenic. but there are better things that can touch your face, such as ice cream.

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If your puppy is the only thing that gives your life meaning, you need to get out more.

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Maybe a hot chick licking your face?

JUST kidding…

<< >>


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@skfinkel. Where than?

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Hollister, she didn’t mean location. She was talking about things other than wet germ transferring animal tongue on face.

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what about buying that game you’ve been waiting for, for a long long, i know a lot of people who have been waiting for grand theft auto IV will push the puppy aside…

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I got the point

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OMG yeah iwamoto… I had that feeling when I bought Metroid Prime 3. It was beautiful and I dedicated a facebook photo album to it lol

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@Hollister0221. Funny.

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I just can’t stand when someone thinks your being dirty minded. In a big boy I don’t news my mommy telling me to be a good boy now. LOL

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LOL that conversation went all kinds of other places

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I LOVE puppy breath!! Yes, puppy kisses are awesome, but I have a feeling nothing is better only if you’re a complete animal freak like I am!!

@del—I’ve heard that the human mouth carries more bacteria and germs than a dogs. I have no idea if that is turn but does kissing gross you out? I’m a little freaky about germs but my dogs germs are okay with me, maybe that’s because he’s my baby!!

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It does carry more bacteria but at least our bacteria doesn’t smell like fish.

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but to the question yes I like puppy breath. But damn when they get older talk about dragon breath

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puppy breath is pretty ok, puppy’s themself however, i remember my puppy was so exited he peed all over me, he was so happy with the christmas “barn” (i wonder what the american term is for it) he chewed on jozef…poor guy. he’s gone now, funny thing is, the older he got, the more her turned back into a puppy, the peeing etc, but oh well, he was happy while it lasted…

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No people I know make a habit of licking their asses.

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hmmmm, one of many reasons i don’t drink….

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Which is the reason that I phrased it as “No people I know…”

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puppies are great. We have a Labrador who is two now. I would never let him lick my face though as I know what else he licks…..

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gross, there are plently of other things.

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How about TWO puppies licking your face!

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not getting worms?

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How about Deer eating apples out of your hand in your backyard…
Your cat wanting your lap to nap on….

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I would normally be grossed out, but I just got a maltese-schitzu that is only 9 weeks old and am IN love with her. She’s so sweet! :) so yeah their are better things then a dog licking me, but I know what you mean.. Puppies make my day, not the licking really!

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dog breath is not my favorite thing, however Winston can put a smile in my face when not much else can. Just look at my avatar. I bet Winston can put a smile on your face too. Go ahead….look…smile….have a great day!!

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@gator—You’re right he put a great big smile on my face!! What a little cutie! I have a client that owns a pet store and I got to love up 2 puppies and about 4 dogs today. I smiled all day!!!

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Yuck, dog breath I PASS!

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