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Does some sort of payment coincide with females doing sexually provocative displays?

Asked by Axemusica (9467points) February 9th, 2011

Let me elaborate.

After we played a show (after the superbowl), I was feeling rather good about the show we did, so I decided to stay and have some fun. Well, later in the night I was hanging out with two very attractive women that were really friendly with each other. So, being the man I am, naturally I was befuddled and mesmerized.

A guy later sat down and said (to me), “Instead of standing there watching, how bout you give them something.” This was upsetting to me.

Is it normal to sort of egg on this behavior as to provide some sort of payment for the act? The girls were just having fun as was I. Was I wrong to just be enjoying myself or was this guy insinuating that I was obligated to pay for the fun?

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If the girls are willing to get jiggy in public, they’re most likely doing it for the attention. I have never heard of anyone paying – that’s just ridiculous. Maybe a couple of guys might buy them drinks, but that’s insane. Just weird. I’m baffled.

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Was he their pimp?

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lol that’s what I was thinking @chyna. Also, I was baffled by the comment too @Seelix. What was he trying to do? Or what would he expect if he was to give them something?

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When I was in high school, lots of guys would offer to give me a dollar if I’d kiss another girl. I never took them up on it. However, they never offered to give me a dollar after I was already making out with a girl.

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That seems like a really strange comment that would probably only come from a fuckin weirdo.

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Maybe by “give them something” he meant “join in”?? Personally, I can’t imagine being overly sexually-friendly with a partner in front of anyone else unless it meant they were invited. :p

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It only proves that guys say wierd shit.
Don’t loose sleep over it.

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I’d have told that dude to fuck off, plain and simple. Maybe given him the Manson Lamps too, to make sure he went away.

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@deni I love seeing your avatar.

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buzz off…

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@cockswain we argued for a quick second before I told him, “yea, I’ma give’em something.” He left not too long after. I just didn’t like what he was implying & pondered it.

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