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What is the best way to have a great first date?

Asked by Superplex (10points) March 17th, 2008

I am interested in enjoying a great time on a first date, getting lucky (maybe) and most important of all, having another date if we both enjoy it.

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I am not sure of the answer, but I believe that your behavior is greatly influenced by the desire of a second date. Therefore, a good first date is impressing someone with little effort. This helps insure a second date, takes the pressure off of being liked, and good times are had by all.

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The best first date I went on was to a UNC basketball game. The Tar Heels are clearly my favorite team so this was a great first date.
Point being, take her somewhere she really wants to go and your chances for getting lucky or at least getting a second date sooner than later will greatly increase! Good luck :)

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do not take her to a movie on the first date bcause it’s difficult to make conversation and get to know her. I would take her out to dinner at a nice but casual restaurant, one you have been to before and just talk. Don’t try anything the first time bcuz then she’ll think you only want one thing. If you show her you can wait then she’ll know you care about her.

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I agree with going somewhere where you can just hang out and talk… one of my best first dates was to a bar to watch an NFL playoff game – the game, commercials and other people gave us fodder for when the conversation lagged. Otherwise, I enjoy meeting for breakfast/brunch/lunch, and then if it’s going well, you can go somewhere to walk and talk afterwards.

The most important thing is to be yourself! Too many people establish false pretenses by acting the way they think the other person wants them to be… then they wind up complaining that he/she “never really knew me”. Duh!

My policy is to ignore my nerves and act toward that person as if I’ve known them for several months. If they don’t get my sense of humor or have a problem with my idiosyncrasies, it won’t work out anyway – better to find out on the first date!

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Have you considered asking your date what they think might be fun? So far you’ve talked about your goals on a date, but how about your date? Do you think your date wants to get lucky on the first date? Do you think your date is already thinking about a second date?

If there is an agenda, it will be sensed by the other person. There’s nothing like a little performance pressure during your first serious, private encounter, is there? Not only from your date, but from you as well.

Look at the person as someone you want to get to know better, period. Do something first that will give rise to good conversation afterward, because although there may be a physical attraction now, it will either be heightened or take a dive during the conversational portion of the date.

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zolmie: im SO jealous. i want to go to a UNC game.

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The best way i ever spent a first date was when i went out with my future wife the first time to a UNC football game. We got pretty drunk before hand and just had an amazing time. Loved the game, love the girls. Still happily married.


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