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Do you have a favorite brand of toothbrush?

Asked by josie (30931points) February 10th, 2011

I mean do you specifically go and buy are particular brand at the store, and no other brand will do?

Or do you just take the freebie from the dentist, or pick one up wherever you happen to be when you are there, because one seems just as good as the other?

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I’ve been using Soniccare for years, and it really made a difference. When I have to use a regular one, now, I feel a bit icky.

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Sensodyne. I have tried the other brands of toothpaste that are suppose to be for sensitive teeth and I always go back to my Sensodyne.

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@JilltheTooth You? Icky? Never.

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<giggles> Oh, you silver-tongued devil, you!

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I like an angle grinder with a heavy grit wheel.;)

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Freefromthedentist Brand

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My mother says that as a kid I had a toothbrush fetish. Apparently, instead of browsing the aisles of the candy section like a normal 5 year old, I’d dash to the oral hygiene aisle.

I go for an Oral-B Cross Action toothbrush with the gum massagers. Size 35, soft bristles. And I change every 3 months as recommended.

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Oral B extra soft.

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I’ve never purchased a toothbrush. Ever.
My dad is a dentist and there’s a drawer in the bathroom that always has a handful of extra toothbrushes. They’re not always the same brand, so sometimes they’re free samples from the companies and sometimes they’re the patient giveaways that Daddy just brings home. He’s retiring at the end of March, so I guess I’ll have to go toothbrush shopping one of these days.

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Ohhh, tooth“brush.” No particular brand. Just has to be hard or medium bristles.

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Sonicare. It is so much better than a regular toothbrush.

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I have been using the new Sonicare – FlexCare and won’t do without now.
It is also rated the highest by Consumer Reports

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I use the same kind @janbb uses.

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