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Help me research Continuing Care Retirement Communities, please?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19692points) February 10th, 2011

My mother will, in the near future, need to move to a graduated living facility. I’d love some tips on research for this. I’ve been Googling, and there are so many sites that come up! Can you help me streamline my research? I know about googling for location and facilities, but I’d really love some tips from those of you who have had to go through this. She still has all her marbles but is very resistant to the idea. Thanks. Isn’t being a Boomer just a kick in the pants?

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My mother is in a terrific staged retirement community in Lenox, MA. If this sounds interesting, PM me.

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I did not do the research that you are doing and the end results for my mother, is not good. My mother is in a nursing home that has given her negligent care, big time. She has a Stage 4 ulcer on her bottom spine and the outlook is not good. We are planning a lawsuit.

Here is my advice now: go onto each website and check their rating. there will be a one to five star rating of each home. I learned, after the fact, that my mothers nursing home is just one half of one star and now I know why. These ratings are given by Medicare and Medicaid after current inspections and past histories of the home. I am learning a lot about nursing homes now, that I did not know then.

Chose wisely. you only have one mother.

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We are fortunate in that my mother can afford a top-notch location, which helps. I didn’t know about the rating system, @john65pennington , thank you.

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@JilltheTooth Ask around—- friends, church, Doctor etc. The closer to your residence sometimes makes it easier for both sides. You can visit more often.

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I should add that my mother is 30 minutes from both my sister and me. Once a week, one of us puts the car on autopilot and drives over for a short visit and restocking of the larder and pantry.

We are also only 40 minutes from a first-rate teaching hospital.

My brother-in-law now does all her finances (bills, investments, taxes);
My sister and I do the doctor visits, pharmacy issues, haircut and pedicure appointments, orthopedic shoes, hearing aid maintenance and periodic dermatological zapping.

Being close is vital, we find.

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@JilltheTooth Just out of curiousity I googled a local home that I think does an excellent job and the website was very helpful. I’ll get the link and be back. It’s not cooperating.… –
Still not cooperating. I found it under Chase Memorial Nursing Home. Try that. I’ve had multiple relatives stay there and they took great care of them.

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