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What birth date years equate to generation names, like 1944-1950 are "baby boomers"?

Asked by kelly (1918points) April 14th, 2008

what about gen X, gen Y, etc

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I think this might help you out.
There’s a table at the bottom.

I like all the different names listed here for baby boomers:

The baby-boomers
Generation Jones (cusp generation)
The stress generation
The sandwich generation
The new generation
The me generation
The love generation
The lost generation
War babies
Leading-edge boomers
Trailing-edge boomers
The beatniks
The hippies
The worst generation ever
Now generation
TV generation
Spock generation
Vietnam generation
Pepsi generation
The breakthrough generation
Generation gap[31]

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I think Baby Boomers go all the way to 1960.

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((way to go peedub! you’ve mastered it!))

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Baby boomers=1946 to 1964.

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I’d always heard if your were in Jr. High School in the 80s, that equals generation x.

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