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Because you're either _______ or you're a _______?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) February 12th, 2011

I was just reading a Yelp review for the Magic Bus Tour and it said: “Because you’re either on the bus or you’re a Republican.”

Thought that was cute…. so, you fill in the blank.

Because you’re either _______ or you’re a _______!

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Because you’re either a reasonable human being or you’re a Tea Partier.

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Because you’re either monogamous or eligible for Congress.

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@Uberwench Wow, that seems like a pretty low shot at polyamorous folks. :P

Because you’re either a human animal, or a blight on the world.

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I thought about that, but it’s just a joke! I love—and have loved—polyamorous folks! I should have said “honest” instead of “monogamous.” I just have Chris Lee on my mind lately, I guess. Plus, that’s pretty predictable.

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I’m trying to figure out what ya’ll are doing!

Either you’re a Jelly or you’re, um….meh.

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This doesn’t exactly fit with the question, but my favorite is:

There are three kinds of people in the world: Those who can count, and those that can’t.

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LOL! Ashamed to say it took me a moment though, @filmfann!!

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If you’re either a rock or a rolling stone, then you’re either Paul Simon or Bob Dylan. ;-)

You’re either one of 10 types of people: those that understand binary, or those that don’t.

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Your either a sports fan or a music lover usually

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You’re either in love or you need to brag about it.

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You are either made in the mob or a Lady Gaga Impersonator.

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You’re either in agreement with me or you’re wrong.

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You’re either totally wasted on jello shots, or you’re a card shark.

You’re either very pliable or you know every single yo-yo trick.

You’re a bicycle mechanic or a corporate raider.

Sigh. Someone stop me.

You either churn out these stupid little juxtapositions, or you kick @SamIAm‘s ass!

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You’re either a Beatles fan, or a Rolling Stones fan.
You’re either right, or you’re happy.

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You’re either comfortably wealthy, or you’re an insomniac.

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Sexually active or a nun.

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You either like beets or you prefer travel by rail.

You’re either a big fat liar or you’re lying.

You either like wearing your heart on your sleeve or you’re a nudist.

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You’re either a Jelly or you cant rite so god.

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