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Want to play a game writing two to four sentences that rhyme?

Asked by Tbag (3303points) December 28th, 2011

I’m so bored and I feel like doing something fun. I hope this would be fun. I’ll start off…

Rhyming this four sentence game on fluther board?
Irrelevant but bro’s before hoes and I must be really bored.
Here’s a story about the famous marry, yet nobody gives a damn
‘Mary had a little lamb,
It’s fleece was black as charcoal,
And ever time it jumped the fence
You could see its little arsehole’

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Mary had a little dress,
it was to light and airy
you couldn’t see the dress so much
but BOY could you see MARY!

I dedicate this to my grandfather who taught me this rhyme.

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Mary had a little lamb
And one unfortunate habit
When e’er the lamb did sprout some wood
Mary was first to grab it

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Again I am wasting my time on Fluther
My girl is circling around me in just panties and jarretel
What will happen very shortly in Maison rebbel, I am sure you all can tell
I will push the answer button and after that I will…......
do the dishes

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Mary had a little lamb
Her father killed it dead
Now Mary takes the lamb to school
Between two slices of bread

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Coloma has a female goose
that loves the neighbors sheep
and everywhere those lambs go
the goose is sure to creep

She followed them out the gate one day which is against the rules
and up the road that goose did go with the sheepish fools

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Mary she was quite scary
Some said far too hairy
But she didn’t give a damn
Coz she weren’t as hairy
as that fu**in lamb.

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Gary too had a little lamb
Although nobody seemed to care
If that was so, why not turn him into ham
Surely that was only fair?

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Mary did her little pet
Shave (save a little sliver)
If anyone touches the ‘maining fur,
Oh see how she does shiver!

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Fluther started as a little flock
Year after year it did grow
Goats sheared off some locks
Now shivers Mary cold, alone.

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Ok, so lambs are woolly. Let’s not split hairs.

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Mary shaved her little pet
On one side, but not fully
And so her suitors can have both
Clean-shaven and still wooly

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Roses are red
Violets are purple
Buttercups are yellow
Hiccups are burple

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